Friday, March 8, 2013

thank Douglas it's Friday

I am bushwhacked. I am beyond bushwhacked. This week kicked my butt absolutely and totally. And it was a full 40 hour work week on top of doing some really laborious stuff.

At work I taped screens, and they were popped into the press right as I was done. I also cleaned a couple floodbars. It was an 8 color job and it took a few screen swaps to get it right, but we got it right! And it looked pretty awesome. We printed the fronts, I caught. I did some tidying up while the Boys swapped the press to run the fronts. Then I caught the fronts. And boxed them. Then it was time to go home and take my "damn I am tired" relaxation bath.

I'm going to sleep so hard now. It's going to be awesome. I think I'll make lasagna tomorrow. That'll be nice. I'm trying to switch up my lunch meals. I've done pretty good in the not having a PB&J five days in a row front, though the PB&J is a lot more satiating in the long run compared to leftover Chinese food, and the burrito, whole good, also doesn't fill like it ought. Plus it is harder to eat gradually through the day.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

I'll probably make more portraits to scan

Blerggh I don't feel too good. I had a very fitful night sleep, and this whole week has been very tiring. Plus I worked a damn full shift today. I heat pressed backpacks, did a banner, reclaimed & coated screens, burned screens, burned more screens. It was a very full day. I got some fast food on the way home, because I was lazy. Unfortunately I don't think my body can really eat fast food any more. At least, not a massive quantity of it. The way I graze through my work day makes it difficult for me to sit and have one big meal.

So I'm going to bed now. So tired. Nice to be having hours though. A nice big full week. It's good to have because I've had some really short days.

I think I said earlier in the week that I'll probably be saying "wow this week went by fast" but it didn't. This week feels like two weeks. At least I can treat myself to a scanner soon. With a scanner, I can scan art, and make art to scan. Wheee!


I arrived at work and Stu was already sorting sweatpants, so I broke down the press and cleaned squeegees and floodbars. Then the job was set up and I ran it. Several hundred sweatpants, and I ran it at good time. It slowed down when I had to drape the pant leg (we printed on one side of the pant only) over the arms of the press (the arm that holds the pallet that gets the stuff printed on). That was run, and that took most of the shift. It was boxed up and counted and numbered and whatnot. I cleaned some screens, so those should be reclaimed tomorrow.

I got out of work at a good time, so I swung by Jiffy Lube and got my oil changed. Then I went home and parked it and there is where my trouble began. At home I changed and then left for Trader Joe's and then my car was like BEEP BEEP WARNING LIGHT WHAT THE HELL. So I drove it back home (I was two blocks away) and called the Jiffy Lube and they told me to come in. So I did. My car was not accelerating past 12 MPH for the last stretch, but through diligence  use of warning flashers, and pulling over to the side when possible, I made it. They gave it another look over and did a scan and said that there was a battery alert and that was all that was coming up and that they didn't do anything wrong. But after having it there and having it sit, the battery charged up a bit, and thinking about a warning message that briefly flashed about parking in neutral, and calling dad, the pieces fell into place and without a doubt I had, like a dumbass, accidentally left my car in neutral (or it had been in neutral at the shop when they repaired it, though driving home should have charged the battery back up) when I went home, and drained the battery. I drove it down Highway 1 a bit, got it up to good speeds, and all was fine.

Now I know what happens when I drain my battery. Like I said, I feel a right dumb ass. They were really nice about it, though I didn't come at them with full accusations of bad service.

After all that, I went to Trader Joe's and did some good proper shopping. Went home, had some dinner, settled in and all was once again well.

Seriously, such a dumb mistake to make.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

da-da da-da da-da DA

I dug out my old crossword puzzle book, this one I got in Portland a few years back (yikes, Portland now counts as being "a few years back") and I've been working on the puzzles. There are 50 in the book and I am one solved puzzle away from 100%. Unfortunately the puzzles themselves are a bit dated (1999) so some of the clues need Googling. I should see if Bookshop Santa Cruz has a more up to date puzzle book.

I think I forgot to mention this, but last week at work a chicken wandered into the studio and I had to chase it out. Silly chicken!

We got right to printing, and because it was fronts and because it wasn't so affixed to the pallets and because the fronts didn't make much registration, we were done with the job by 3:30ish! I was properly tired, of course. So very. Tired. Arms, legs, knees, all that good stuff. So many sweaters. Stu caught and Kara/Cara/I should really learn how to spell her name boxed. We chatted about stuff and it was nice. After that massive job, I burned and taped some screens and the press was broken down by Andrew and then I called it a day at around 6, because even though I could have worked more I was properly pooped. At least I have a job that is flexible and not NO YOU MUST WORK THIS MANY HOURS EVERY DAY.

My refund checks went through, so I treated myself to some take out. Num nums. I picked up a menu from Yan Flower and am highlighting the stuff I've tried. It all tastes a bit the same, though the snow peas and water chestnuts aren't half bad and the ginger beef has WAY too much ginger. Now I must research scanners! Weekend goals: oil & filter change, and scanner research. Wheee! Maybe some thrift shopping for work pants. I just wore a hole through the knee.

Welp. Time to rest. Hopefully tomorrow will be easier on my old bones.

Except they are not old at all, just not used to being used. Hhaha.

Oh after work I also took a nice hot bath and worked on crosswords. That bath was awesome. Viva baths!

Tuesday, March 5, 2013


Mailed some letters, got to work, set up ze job, and spent the rest of the day printing the job. Boss started, but I took over after the really small sweaters were printed. 468. That is a lot of sweaters, and it took a lot of repeated effort to tug them off the pallets. Tomorrow will be the fronts, but they should go faster because it is a smaller print area and the set up is only underbase and top white. I'm going to get big muscles soon, if I keep this up. I'm looking forward to it.

What was that filter I should get changed when I get my oil changed? Gotta do that this week.

Back at home I relaxed and didn't really move any more once I got to my room. I predict tomorrow will have a similar evening. Yay for laborious jobs!

Monday, March 4, 2013

my banana bits are all gone, boo

Found my book of easy crossword puzzles, so I've been working on those. I've got a few more of the clues, so that is good. Hurray!

I have eight cards ready to post in the morning. That is pretty swell. I'll have to come up with a new design soon. I think I'll come up with several designs, and print a ton of cards, so that I could sell them in an Etsy/street fair type scenario. Have 'em on hand and whatnot. I'm going to run out of stamps at about the same time that I run out of cards.

I made a Staples run to pick up more envelopes. It was a beautiful day. The days are looking nicer and nicer. I can't wait to be back in my cut offs. I have one pair of work jeans that I didn't turn into shorts, and they are getting mighty worn.

I need to get a second pair of work jeans...except they would be clean new jeans and I like to wear older clothes to work because the ink doesn't really come out of clothes. Maybe I'll go thrift shopping or something.


Anyhoo. It was a quiet Sunday. Wrote letters. Tidied up my room.

Another week begins, and soon I shall be saying "wow that week went by fast!".