Thursday, September 3, 2015


Got up at a little more decent hour. Getting scheduled for the coming month. Did some more listings for work. Had left over pasta for breakfast. I finished up work when Celia got home, and so that turned into her making chicken, me making rice, and us watching Mad Max Fury Road together, because she hadn't seen it. Awesome movie.

Panda and Teddy cuddled, Sam doesn't know how to be a cuddly kitty.

Pretty easy day. I feel like going to bed early.

Mom and Dad: tell me when you are LEAVING the house for your visit, not when you're FIFTEEN MINUTES away!

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

at home as per usual

Monday & Tuesday

Two days spent at home, by myself, working from home listing stuff on eBay and working on the illustration for work. The weather was rainy and windy but my power held. My wifi has been all over the place, so all the work work I've been doing, has been done at Celia's. Though hey, probably nice for someone to pop over and keep the pets company. Just pop a Claritin and I get at it. Doing little short bursts of listings and then work on the illustration. Might have a few back to back to back on site days coming up, which would be a lot of driving but it would also be some much needed $$$ so Mom keep me posted when you'll need me.

Had some shrimp in alfredo sauce pasta. Mmm that was good.

Heather and Daniel gave me some deluxe sloth branded chocolate and it was good stuff.

Powells has a scifi author water bottle that I want super bad. Will probably pick it up next time I'm in Portland (which should be for Mel's bachelorette party).

My hands hurt. Like their flexibility has been really bad. My fingers don't stretch back like they used to. I'm so out of shape.

I had such a busy past week with so much going on and so much company. I want more of that.

Monday, August 31, 2015

rain or shine or wind or power outages, you can't stop love!

I'm super tired and as much as I want to relate the events, like...they were shared by so many people! But every day is shared by many people. I guess I don't feel so exclusive in my experiences in the past few days.

Well Averie and Muchim are MARRIED!! My family has grown so much this past year.

I woke up to the power being out due to a storm and wind, so I packed up and hauled butt to Seabeck to get ready. The roads were awful getting to Seabeck. Branches flying, wind blowing, wet roads. One of my worst driving experiences. I was still in my pajamas so quickly I showered and ate breakfast. The power flickered as I did my makeup. We were a bit late getting out, but not too late. I had a cute raincoat so I was prepared for the weather. It brightened up when we got across the water into Seattle. The wedding venue was a family property on the water. Oh! We picked up Nathan and Helen at their hotel. Nate is mobil with his foot in a foot. Poor guy. The wedding was on the water. Family was there, all sorts. Carmen and Josh and Janet and Steve. Dan and Brynne and Ben and Erin. Hans. Celia arrived a bit later. The Garmen side too. I had a beverage and grabbed a seat. I drew a bit during the ceremony, and got some photos with my disposable camera. There were family photos too. Big group shots. I was between Honey and Helen...or was I next to Nathan? I forget. I'm slowly moving up to being in wedding photos. Not yet an official bridesmaid. I'm going to more bridal showers too.

The ceremony was nice. Simple, to the point, loving. With the weather holding. Averie was gorgeous. Her dress was a lovely champagne color with an open back and her hair was all tendrils and waves. She looked damn good. Muchim had a nice suit jacket and his vows were written large on a paper towel roll that blew in the wind as it unraveled. A nice, lovely gag. Their sense of humor really showed through. One of those really tender, personal moments that comes through all the tradition.

So happy for Averie and Muchim and all the adventures they will have together!

Post family photos photos we got more drinks and food (it was potluck but with really high caliber people making the food). I nommed down on veggies. I talked to family. Signed the guestbook. Got one last drink and Ma and Pa dropped me off at the Rainier Beach train station because the day before Nathan and Helen's wedding, I bought tickets to see My Brother My Brother and Me & Sawbones live at the Moore Theater. Not on my best behavior to double dip my day like that and leave a big shindig early, but the recording was an event that was super important to me and I'm not much of a dancer at weddings. I kept my leaving on the down low though, didn't want to make it super obvious that I was scooting off.

No one checked my train ticket, but I still bought one. I swung by the Nordstrom bathroom on the way to the venue. My friend Sam met me at the Moore (I bought two tickets) shortly after I arrived. Perfect! I had pretty good seats. Could always be closer though. First up was Sawbones (did I mention these are podcasts? they are podcasts. I highly recommend Sawbones) where they discussed bird diseases. Basically don't eat dried bird poop. Syndee and Justin McElroy were very charming to see in person. There was a brief break and John Roderick played the opening theme for the MBMBaM show (which uses his song for his opening, so that was special). It's so odd because I can't remember most of the show. It was funny, and I loved seeing them up on stage goofing in person, and I remember some of the bits, but I don't know what I could quote exactly! I'm excited to listen to the recording of it. After the show a line formed for meet and greets, and I joined the line. Sam was a good sport about it. He was unfamiliar with both podcasts, but it is a good sign of his character that he is down for something new. I saw Amber Humes in line too! Small world!

I didn't have anything for the Brothers to sign, but I did have the original fan art I did of the Things I Bought At Sheetz so I gave that to Justin and he was really stoked on it. So that was cool! And I got a picture with them and that was that.

There was a 11:15 Seattle/Bainbridge Ferry which worked perfectly for being picked up by the parents. I bid Sam goodnight and walked down to the ferry. Didn't have to run, but I wasn't slow either. My red raincoat did its job. I got my ticket, got a seat, charged my phone, relaxed on the boat, eavesdropped, and before I knew it I was in the van being picked up by Ma and Pa. There were some PAX nerds on the ferry I talked to a bit. They were nice.

At home I slept.

In the morning I showered and had tea and sorted some of Grandma Marilyn's jewelry and Dad worked on my car a bit more (there's been a leaky oil gasket) and we had pancakes. I got home around 3pmish. I did a quick walk up a bit of our road with Celia and hauled branches out of the way. Lots of branches on the road. And I relaxed and got caught up on the internet.