Wednesday, September 2, 2015

at home as per usual

Monday & Tuesday

Two days spent at home, by myself, working from home listing stuff on eBay and working on the illustration for work. The weather was rainy and windy but my power held. My wifi has been all over the place, so all the work work I've been doing, has been done at Celia's. Though hey, probably nice for someone to pop over and keep the pets company. Just pop a Claritin and I get at it. Doing little short bursts of listings and then work on the illustration. Might have a few back to back to back on site days coming up, which would be a lot of driving but it would also be some much needed $$$ so Mom keep me posted when you'll need me.

Had some shrimp in alfredo sauce pasta. Mmm that was good.

Heather and Daniel gave me some deluxe sloth branded chocolate and it was good stuff.

Powells has a scifi author water bottle that I want super bad. Will probably pick it up next time I'm in Portland (which should be for Mel's bachelorette party).

My hands hurt. Like their flexibility has been really bad. My fingers don't stretch back like they used to. I'm so out of shape.

I had such a busy past week with so much going on and so much company. I want more of that.

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