Saturday, November 8, 2014

shiny sinks and dolla dolla bills

Whoops I fell behind again!

Wednesday I priced from home. I got through a heap of belts and scarfs and gloves and other bits and bobs. It was nice to work from home. Thursday I worked on site again. Weighed. Priced. And got a raise! How awesome is that? Good to be considered so highly so immediately. Dig my boss, yes I do!

Friday I met Ma and Pa in Poulsbo. I deposited my paycheck and went and snapped up Clariel at Liberty Bay Books and put Seconds and Tomboy on order. We had a quick lunch. Pasta and pizza and a sandwich. Today actually had good weather! Bright but also chilly. Ma and Pa went to see some art studios and I went to get my tires changed...and it took two goddamn hours! I sat and read and bought some bath stuff in the store. But still, it took a while. But two new tires for my hoopty, that's good! Traction is good! I drove on to Port Townsend and got a great seat for the 7:40 showing of Interstellar. It had phenomenal effects, really nice wonderful great...wowza effects. But the story was also a bit too clean and meh it didn't really...strike a chord with me.

Worth seeing in theaters for the pretty but I'm not really eager to rewatch it. And I love me some time travel sci fi.

Today I loafed around the house. Ordered a third comic. Scrubbed the sink. Tried cleaning and seasoning the cast iron. Did laundry. Lit a hella good fire. Watched Doctor Who. Tomorrow Celia and I are going to the movies, and I've got some at home work to do. I'm feeling tired right now so I think I'll tuck in early. But yay for a cleaner home!

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

stop and go and stop

More pricing! This time old camera cases and fishing things. Scored an Eddie Bauer bag because it was a bit old and musty and dirty and not really resellable. So I washed it in my sink and I'm hoping it dries nice. I think it'd make a great bag for hiking art supplies.

I had leftover soup and it was delicious!

I got caught in horrible traffic on the way back. Took an hour to go the distance that takes 20 going in.

Tomorrow I am pricing from home! I'm excited about that. Just going to listen to audio things and google away! Nice to break up all the driving, because the commute days, wah! So much commute! But it's just to go through Poulsbo in case of movies or groceries or other errands. I could be commuting out nowhere.

Now I am very tired.

the 3rd

Look! No apologies! Got up, threw on tights, my orange palladiums, a skirt, a shirt, my hoody, my patch vest, a smudgey eyeliner/shadow in the crease eyemakeup look, and off I went! (with food to eat during the day of course).

Had a pretty good day. Priced a lot of plates and train stuff and odds and ends. Getting through boxes. Trying to keep to a 5 minute/item rate of pricing, but some things just don't come up. It's hard when brands and makers are not readily apparent. Still, trucking along! And I dig it. I work on site again tomorrow and once more on Thursday. I don't think I could do 5 days a week commuting (it is rather long even with audiobooks) but it breaks up nicely.

Celia made oyster and chantrelle bisque which we mixed in with this veggie broth and that was dinner and it was amazing and hearty and delicious. I plopped bread into it and ate two bowls then sat in front of my computers magnificently sated. And auntie gave me two servings for my own left overs!! I think that was the first time I ate oysters, but I dug it. I'm a more daring eater, and I'm all the better for it.

I'm feeling good about November. I'm working. I have a friend visiting this weekend. I've got a Friendsgiving in the works for the 27th. I've voted. Things are good, and I like it.

Sunday, November 2, 2014


I feel like I'm starting every entry with an apology being slack in my posts!


Worked on site pricing antiques. I wore tights and a red dress under my gray sweater, and I looked super cute. And I volunteered to help hand out candy on Halloween. It was rainy and dark. I saw Nightcrawler afterwords, and it was awesome! So dark and psychopathic and filmed so wonderfully. Jake Gyllenhaal was awesome. Got home late. Had some udon. Tucked into bed.


The rain has let up a bit, but not exceptionally so. I got up early and did full vavavoom makeup. Brows, eyeliner, blush, tons of stuff. And I packed my vintage dress so that I matched the shop for handing out candy. I priced more antiques and stamps, and at 3:15 I left to hand out candy in Poulsbo. It was rainy but the parents had umbrellas and the kids had raincoats, so all was good! Tons of kids going up and down old town Poulsbo. Little babies, teens, I denied no one candy! At first not many came down the alley to Red Plantation, so I was being very generous. But we ran out at 5:45 (the hand outs went from 4-6) so it's all good! Saw several Boxtrolls. Many princesses and superheroes and Gryffindors. There was a cute Harry Potter across the street at Cups. A good time all around, and the Boss treated me to hot cocoa.

Got home and got a fire going and warmed up and texted another Homeaween celebrator.


Slept in! Hurray! Had coffee and my signature scramble and helped Celia un-wedge her boat off the beach and lift it onto the seawall.

Later on, Ma and Pa came over with food and fun. We hung out with Celia and friend of the family Linda, then dinner was salad and garlic chicken and garlic bread. I showed Dad my Aero Press. After food and conversation, we three relaxed and watched Chef. That movie needed less of a first and second act, and the third act should have been the movie. Not enough food truck or editing.


Ma and Pa and Celia showed me some hikes in the area. Hikes to take my visiting friends on. It was a nice damp day to hike and see some waterfalls. We got some clams at Hama Hama and that was dinner (with salad and broccoli). Ma and Pa picked 4 pounds of chanterelles in the morning. Their gluttony and greed knows no bounds! But dang did I like the fritata that Dad made. And I made coffee. And had dad make coffee in the Aero Press. A very nice day. Nice to tromp in the woods.

Oh! And we saw tons of elk! 30? Plenty. Big critters. And we visited Grandma and Grandpa's grave and cleaned it up.

And we told a few grim jokes through the day.

Now I'm painting my nails gray to match the weather.