Friday, January 3, 2014

and after two days, my work week is over

Got up early and went to work and reclaimed my screens before clocking in. Then ran jerseys. Went faster though, so that was good. Printing basketball jerseys, ya gotta do both sides as they are reversible. And if they are different colors (which they are) you gotta do a color change for both sides. Time consuming, but not painfully difficult. We've got a good full day left of printing to go though.

Came home to find that my Kindle had arrived! Yaaaay! I have bought 3 books for it, downloaded 12 free samples of books, and have a bunch of freebies. Yay!

I collected together my stuff for tomorrow (helping Carmen print, should be exciting) so now I shall retire with my Kindle (it's so light weight) and get up nice and early and rock out all day long doing the print thang.

Oh! Tara gave me her Christmas present, and it was a six pack of Waialua Soda! Their lilikoi is especially tasty. Top notch gift.

Thursday, January 2, 2014

2014, howdy!


Got up pretty early. Went on the internet to find out when Sherlock would be airing in the UK (1pm our time) so I made sure to be off social media during that time. No spoilers for me! Justen moved out, and that was sad. Hugged him goodbye. He gave me some of his left over food. I got around to Sherlock around 5ish and thus began an hour and a half of me being all YAY SHERLOCK FINALLY THE LATEST EPISODE AND NEW SEASON!!!! So much enthusiasm, and I was just so stoked the whole day! Then I set about getting a good night sleep because I went back to work on...


Didn't sleep in, and was even a bit earlier than usual to work! Go me.

We ran jerseys, which take some time because you have to baby powder the pallet after each one printed, due to ink going through the holes in the jersey. The baby powder sort of traps in the ink and makes it so it doesn't go onto a new shirt. I think it just sticks and makes a barrier, so the ink (unless like really rubbed hard) won't come off. No fun to slow a process down like that. That was...pretty much the whole day. I also did a few heat transfers and weeded some vinyl. The shop had already been extensively cleaned over break. Trying to get some new systems into play.

I had some tea and salami for dinner. Takin' it easy. Talked to Ma and Pa.

Got a busy weekend ahead of me. Well, a busy Saturday, then another Sunday of waiting for Sherlock.

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

good fortune

Monday (aka travel day):

Got up early and Dad made breakfast, and a little to go paper bowl of a cinnamon roll. I grabbed a drink, packed the rest of my stuff, and off we went to the airporter! Womp wooomp good bye Seabeck. I sat by myself on the ride over. It wasn't a full airporter. Arrived at Sea-Tac and it wasn't bustling. I like how Alaska Airline is all streamlined now. Self serve check in, then you just drop your bag off with someone at the conveyor belt. Easy.

I got some fish and chips from Ivar's. Well, that is what I ordered. They gave me shrimp and chips. Which I'm fine with. I ate them and chilled in the main terminal, then chilled by the gate. No one was seated next to me during the 30 minutes hop to Portland. Being in Portland, even if it is just the airport, made my heart twang. It was a quick layover and then I was headed to San Jose. I read my book.

Landed, got my bag, and Nathan arrived lickety split to pick me up. Back at his place, he, Helen, and I played Ascension: Chronicle of the Godslayer, which was very fun and similar to Dominion in game play. AND I WON! I got 80 points, and Nate and Helen came in at mid 50. HA! YES! Go me, I am so awesome.

I got back home late. Unpacked a bit. Chatted with Justen. Then late at night I retired to bed. And I had the heater on so I didn't freeze, because damn this house doesn't maintain heat AT. ALL.

Also I claimed Nate's slippers for myself.

Tuesday (the last day of 2013):

Slept decently in, but not tragically so. Had some oatmeal and tea. Made a grocery run. Cleaned house. Wore my slippers, which help a whole lot. Did my eyebrows. Still no word from boss about him wanting me to come in, so... yay? More time off is good?

I finished unpacking, though I kinda perilously stuffed a few things into corners with no proper organization.

Met up with Anna, Justen, Michael, and Anna's friend uhm,.. I forget her name. For dinner at Dynasty Restaurant. Chinese food and whatnot. Justen's fortune cookie was "handsome is as handsome does". Right after he read it out loud, he spilled his take out box on himself.

Justen moves out tomorrow. End of a short era.

Just sticking around here for midnight. Tomorrow is the new episode of Sherlock! Yaayayayay!

New year, new happenings. Let's do this!

Monday, December 30, 2013


Last full day in Seabeck. Not fun to leave the comforts and coddling of home. Waaah.

Got up early. Dad made me some eggs and toast. Num nums. I borrowed the van and headed to Poulsbo to meet Marcus and see The Wolf of Wall Street. That movie was crazy pants! Super colorful and Leo is such a dynamic physical actor. The whole cast was good, it was just sort of...ridiculous. Not in a bad way. It's just the only way I can sum up the whole extravaganza.

Afterwards we hung out at his apartment in Poulsbo. Rufus (his roommate, and you might remember him from when I blogged about attending film class) and I talked shop (Rufus also works as a screenprinter). Lots of mutual complaints about Bella brand shirts. It was a nice little hang out, but Marcus had plans at 4, so we said our goodbyes.

I put some gas in the car on the way home. Had to loop around because I pulled up on the wrong side of the car for the tank.

At home, Mom was off on a beach walk so Dad and I snacked. When Ma returned, we ate more food and then watched Attack the Block. Excellent alien movie. Love it, and Ma & Pa enjoyed it too! Yay!

There was still time in the evening, so I did laundry and we watched Saturday Night Live and I got to packing.

Right now I can't pack my birthday presents or the family photos or Nathan's presents! Waaah! Nor some of my Christmas presents (namely the wrench set). Kinda a bummer to get things and then be unable to return with them.

I'll resolve the rest come the mornin'. 10:20ish airporter. 3pm flight. Transfer in Portland. Whooo.

Sunday, December 29, 2013

ciao Nate and Helen, see you in a few days!

Another sleep in day. Tomorrow will not be one.

Nate and Helen went off to the gym. I ate udon with egg and bagel and creme cheese and salmon and drank tea and loafed about. We had an early supper when they came back. Then all was packed up and we went into town to drop them off at the airporter. Boo sad! I'll be in the same position day after next. We swung by Best Buy and got some James Bond dvds, then hardware store for lamps (mom bought a party lamp that changes colors), then REI for book exchange. We returned home for a little bit. Put up our feet. Snacked. Then off again to Port Orchard and the Dragonfly Cinema to see The Book Thief. It was a good adaptation. No complaints about what they changed as the changes make sense.

Returned home. Made some plans with Marcus. Now to sleep!