Monday, December 30, 2013


Last full day in Seabeck. Not fun to leave the comforts and coddling of home. Waaah.

Got up early. Dad made me some eggs and toast. Num nums. I borrowed the van and headed to Poulsbo to meet Marcus and see The Wolf of Wall Street. That movie was crazy pants! Super colorful and Leo is such a dynamic physical actor. The whole cast was good, it was just sort of...ridiculous. Not in a bad way. It's just the only way I can sum up the whole extravaganza.

Afterwards we hung out at his apartment in Poulsbo. Rufus (his roommate, and you might remember him from when I blogged about attending film class) and I talked shop (Rufus also works as a screenprinter). Lots of mutual complaints about Bella brand shirts. It was a nice little hang out, but Marcus had plans at 4, so we said our goodbyes.

I put some gas in the car on the way home. Had to loop around because I pulled up on the wrong side of the car for the tank.

At home, Mom was off on a beach walk so Dad and I snacked. When Ma returned, we ate more food and then watched Attack the Block. Excellent alien movie. Love it, and Ma & Pa enjoyed it too! Yay!

There was still time in the evening, so I did laundry and we watched Saturday Night Live and I got to packing.

Right now I can't pack my birthday presents or the family photos or Nathan's presents! Waaah! Nor some of my Christmas presents (namely the wrench set). Kinda a bummer to get things and then be unable to return with them.

I'll resolve the rest come the mornin'. 10:20ish airporter. 3pm flight. Transfer in Portland. Whooo.

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