Thursday, January 2, 2014

2014, howdy!


Got up pretty early. Went on the internet to find out when Sherlock would be airing in the UK (1pm our time) so I made sure to be off social media during that time. No spoilers for me! Justen moved out, and that was sad. Hugged him goodbye. He gave me some of his left over food. I got around to Sherlock around 5ish and thus began an hour and a half of me being all YAY SHERLOCK FINALLY THE LATEST EPISODE AND NEW SEASON!!!! So much enthusiasm, and I was just so stoked the whole day! Then I set about getting a good night sleep because I went back to work on...


Didn't sleep in, and was even a bit earlier than usual to work! Go me.

We ran jerseys, which take some time because you have to baby powder the pallet after each one printed, due to ink going through the holes in the jersey. The baby powder sort of traps in the ink and makes it so it doesn't go onto a new shirt. I think it just sticks and makes a barrier, so the ink (unless like really rubbed hard) won't come off. No fun to slow a process down like that. That was...pretty much the whole day. I also did a few heat transfers and weeded some vinyl. The shop had already been extensively cleaned over break. Trying to get some new systems into play.

I had some tea and salami for dinner. Takin' it easy. Talked to Ma and Pa.

Got a busy weekend ahead of me. Well, a busy Saturday, then another Sunday of waiting for Sherlock.

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