Friday, January 3, 2014

and after two days, my work week is over

Got up early and went to work and reclaimed my screens before clocking in. Then ran jerseys. Went faster though, so that was good. Printing basketball jerseys, ya gotta do both sides as they are reversible. And if they are different colors (which they are) you gotta do a color change for both sides. Time consuming, but not painfully difficult. We've got a good full day left of printing to go though.

Came home to find that my Kindle had arrived! Yaaaay! I have bought 3 books for it, downloaded 12 free samples of books, and have a bunch of freebies. Yay!

I collected together my stuff for tomorrow (helping Carmen print, should be exciting) so now I shall retire with my Kindle (it's so light weight) and get up nice and early and rock out all day long doing the print thang.

Oh! Tara gave me her Christmas present, and it was a six pack of Waialua Soda! Their lilikoi is especially tasty. Top notch gift.

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