Saturday, March 2, 2013

out and about & in and din


Ran the front and backs on a shirt. Broke down the press. Moved on to Moving Pictures, yet another Discworld audiobook. Burnt a couple screens. Sorted and stacked several huge piles of sweatshirts. Lots of printing is going to go down soon. It'll be nice to clock the hours.

After work I got some cupcakes and went up to San Jose and hung out with Steve, Kyle, Molly, Adam, and Jenn. We had pot roast and stew and bread and wine and played Settles of Catan (Steve won). It was a good night all in all. I got back late and promptly went to sleep.


Slept way, way in. Had some funky dreams. Had a massive scramble. Caught up on television. Ate some chocolate covered banana bits. Generally had a relaxing day. Quite nice, really.

I learned a cool trick to multiplying large numbers. It utilizes lines and counting intersections of things.

Thursday, February 28, 2013

licensed Californian

When I got home today my mailbox contained my new drivers license (the photo doesn't look too good, but that is the way it goes), my second refund check aka the big one, and a letter from Serenity. Triple score!

Then the interior hall light when out when I turned it on. Oh well.

At work I set up and ran a job, and it didn't need to get the thumbs up from the boss man. I was all kinds of trusted to run it. That was awesome. I also did these heat transfers on these things. And set up the backs on another job. And did four banners. And cut some stickers. And cleaned squeegees. Pretty productive day at the studio.

Can't believe it is Friday already! These weeks are just going by too fast.

title for a post

Another lovely full day! Things are revving up. There are also many many boxes ready to be counted and sorted. That'll be a good deal of work. Hurray, summer season! Almost been here a year now.

Two smaller jobs were ran, but first I burned and taped all the screens. Also bagged the banners and weeded some stuff. Found out my coworker watches Game of Thrones, so now I have a third show to talk to him about. Hurray! Conversation!

I did a grocery run. Trillian recommends Trader Joe's sliced up chocolate covered bananas. Found in the freezer aisle. Yum.

Now the weekend is fast approaching. And March. Time moves fast.

Still waiting on my license and other refund. Come on money!

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

historical children's fiction, yay!

I had my beloved full work day today! Hurray! I coated screens. I need to mix up a new batch of emulsion. I cut stickers, I bagged stickers, I weeded vinyl, and I did banners. Banners are time consuming and it is hard to do them because you have to be gentle when you fold them over, so they don't get creased and damaged and stuff. I'm all caught up on Tobolowsky Files. Guess it is time to listen to some more audiobooks. First up: The Red Necklace. Narrated by Tom Hiddleston. Yaaay!

At home I had some oatmeal and tea and was properly tired for the rest of the night.

Still waiting on my license and other refund.

Oh and there was a shooting in a neighborhood about a mile from my house. Happened when I was at work. Yeesh.

Monday, February 25, 2013

time to read when all I want is time to work

Ended up working a very short day due to circumstances that should be resolved by tomorrow. I reclaimed some screens, burned and taped one, ate a pork burrito, tidied up the studio.

After work I took a very nice bath and spent more Amazon gift card money (The Marriage Plot, used for super cheap! and The Stockholm Octavo sounded cool). I had some garlic toast for a dinner snack, and took it easy with a big mug o' tea.

I'm hoping the hours will pick up soon. Like...tomorrow.

I suddenly have a case of the tireds, even though I haven't been through much exertion lately.

Sunday, February 24, 2013

piles of pork


I think we know by now how I started my day. And what I probably ate.

At 4:30ish, I headed up to San Jose to see Steve. We met up with his friends Molly and Kyle and then we went out for Barbecue at Smoking Pig BBQ. It was a pretty damn authentic BBQ joint. Big cookers outside, food serving on trays instead of plates, piles of meat, live blues/jazz band, not a single air to put on. It was awesome. I ordered a pound of pulled pork, totally forgetting how much a pound of food is, quantity wise. At least I'll have plenty of left overs...for the next three days. I ate until I was properly stuffed (had a mac n cheese and corn bread side) and ate some more and even then it didn't look like I put a dent in it. Afterwards we hung out at Kyle and Molly's and watched TV. Last Exile, Outlaw Star, Archer. Good stuff! There were even Thin Mints, which made my night.

Stuffed with food, and pretty tired I opted to stay in San Jose instead of driving home. Better safe than rolled into a ditch on 17.


It was an absolutely beautiful day, from San Jose down to Santa Cruz. Back in Santa Cruz I made myself a pork, beef, beans, rice burrito for a late breakfast. Spent the rest of the day sitting back, drinking tea, watching stuff, and drinking more tea. ParaNorman didn't went Best Animate Feature, so that was a bummer. I couldn't find a good stream for the Oscars, so I just watched Ripper Street. The good stuff will be available online anyway.

Now the tired is creeping back up on me. The weekend is over already! Back to work. More printing is ahead of me. Printing and all that other jazz.