Saturday, September 29, 2012

loops and knots

Looper was a fantastic sci-fi movie. So well done. Well shot, great actors, just all around excellent. I was giddy leaving the theater with how good it is. Had dark humor in the right spots. A well realized future without going over the top with explanations. The characters were many shades of good and bad, and it wasn't just one good guy versus one bad guy. Layered. All that good stuff. Really excellent.

I met Steve for Pho before the movie, up in San Jose. There was an accident on 17, but going in the other way. I felt bad for the miles and miles of slow moving people. It just went on and on till I turned onto 280.

Work was good. Got the job set up, ran it. Boss and Andrew were off doing other things, so I cleaned squeegees and floodbars and listened to Wyrd Sisters. Pretty good day.

I'm on another wee vacation. Looking forward to some rest and some seeing of the parents and some seeing of the sequoias. That'll be nice.

Friday, September 28, 2012

need to find my focus

Got some revised sketches sent off BEFORE MIDNIGHT! Whooo!

At work made a couple flubs. Need to be more on the ball! Get my head in the game! Pay attention! Come on Trillian! The stereo at work improved today. Much better sound. And by that I mean the new one is louder. And MP3 players can plug into it (well, iPods, I don't think mine will). So that is neat. Ups and downs. Still, I wake up and go "yay work!". I don't mind getting up, I don't curse the alarm, and I don't like being idle at work. I like how there are always things to do. Even cleaning I like. I cleaned a bit. I set up a job. Ran the shirts. Ran some totes. Weeded some vinyl.

Got back lateish. Had a little diner. Worked on art. Washed my work clothes. Got a busy couple days coming up. Might have a Saturday shift.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

cameo & turban

A little sketch preview of something I'm working on. Yaaay.

Going camping with the parents next week as I'll have some time off work. Yaaay! Just going to head south a bit. And when I say camping, I mean we are renting a cabin and are staying in it.

Had a dream that I was running the towel job and everything was going wrong. At least in my dream my boss was really nice about it. So that is a subconscious blessing.

Caught a few jobs at work. Set up a couple as well. Cleaned some things. Removed vinyl. Wore my hoodie because it was a bit chilly. Nooo! This is California! It is not allowed to be chilly! But generally a good day, though I was really tired. Like my brain was just....wanting to take a nap. I've been having trouble focusing this week. I don't know why.

Worked on art. And now it is late, but I want to work on it a bit more.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012


Ohhh I ate a bit too much cheese today. I'm giving new meaning to the name "Little Toot". Hahah.

Anywaaay. I burned a bunch more screens at work. And taped them up. And we ran a few jobs too! Nice and easy ones. Single color. No fuss. We have a couple multi color jobs waiting to be printed, just waiting on shirts. I'm learning a lot about the sequence of things in running a business like this. Don't know if I'd ever want to run a big business of my own, but it is pretty nifty to be a part of.

Went grocery shopping, because a lady needs to eat. Pasta and seaweed and more carbs. I eat pretty much the same thing constantly. But I eat a lot of apples and bananas and I drink orange juice, so that is good! Yay for eating well?

Worked on art stuffs. Still need to make more progress before I send off the next stage of things.

Ma & Pa, have y'all figured out that thing yet? You know...the thing with the stuff?

Monday, September 24, 2012

there are some plans in the works for October

Work started at noon, on account of boss running some errands. It was a burn and tape screen kind of day. As they were on 305s, it took some high intensity washing to clear the image but clear it I did. And tape up I did. 12 screens? About that. I also unpacked some shirts. A short shift, but a good one. Got some jobs coming up. Whooo!

Talked to Ma and Pa again after work. They are grinding apples to make juice. Tasty, tasty juice.

There is going to be a tenth season/series of Red Dwarf. I looked it up. That show started in February, 1988. I am barely older than that show, and we are both still going. Amazing.

I didn't get up to much tonight. Took it easy. Making a to do list. Have a lot to do...on Tuesday.


Finally got down to drawing and wow all of a sudden it it 1:20am! Got some good drawing done, could have achieved more but I didn't. Tomorrow. I have a good feeling about this sketch stage.

Today I slept in. Had a nice scramble. Watched the Emmy's. Yay for Aaron Paul winning! Can't believe that Sarah Palin thing was better than Sherlock and Luther. Cannot believe it. Such good acting and writing in both shows, and they got nothing! Still, Community didn't get any nominations. Boo.

Talked to Ma and Pa on the phone. That was nice. They adore that new kitty so much.