Friday, March 29, 2013


A short day at work to end a relatively short week as a whole. I did some banners, I cleaned some screens and squeegees, I counted an order that was all over the place (1 red M hoodie, 12 xxl black zips, 3 navy shirts, etc.). I listened to more Divergent, which is pretty good. 

Did I mention that my housemate Amanda put in her 30 days notice? Soon I shall be getting a new housemate. Hopefully a good one. Janet has good taste in housemates. Obviously, she picked me.

I went at the bathtub and bath tiles with Kaboom! cleaner. I plugged in my fan to aid in the ventilation. The tub looks much more shiny, but the grout could use a second assault. It does look nicer though. My bathroom just...doesn't look as clean as it ought.

I got bored so I drew some eyebrows on my face:

I kinda like them. I have such pale brows. I don't know if I have the courage to wear them out in public though. Baby steps.


Another lovely day at work. Stu and I ran three shirt jobs: a two color on underbase, and two white roto'd. I was pulling the shirts at a very good speed. Certain shirts are easier to put on and pull of palettes. I also coated the screens I reclaimed, and burned a screen, and taped some screens. Not the longest of days, but it was a nice one.

Divergent is quite good, I'll probably do some fanart when I'm done listening to it.

At home I had a scramble for dinner and tidied my room. Steve came down for a visit and I showed him my zines. Thesis is so very long ago, and Portland feels quite distant now. It's not the most fun of feelings to have. I hope I get some time off work soon, because I'd like to drive up to Portland and hang with Madeline, Heather, Daniel, BT, Serenity, Dom, Beth, Samala, and all the rest. Some day. Hopefully some day soon.

Yay, Friday is here! It will probably be a light day. I don't think we'll be running any major major jobs. Maybe some smaller ones.

I also worked a bit more on my correspondence  Just writing letters old school like. It feels nice to do. To write and send things. To old friends and new friends. And getting things back is always a bonus too.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

"strop" is a good descriptive word

Now that my scanner is on its way, I'm thinking of projects to do! Yay projects. There is one idea I had of illustrating the bad advice that comes out of ladies mags, though I've been stuck on a title. On going projects. I need to increase my profile as an illustrator. Be popularrr.

Another solo day at work. Boss cut some easier to weed vinyl, and it was indeed easier to weed though it still took some attentiveness. I burned and taped some screens, and counted in some shirts, and did a 4'x8' banner, reclaimed some screens. All in all, a pretty good day. I finished Brother Odd and started Divergent. The "list" thing on Blogger is having issues, so it won't let me update the audiobooks as I listen to them. Hopefully it will be remedied soon. Till then, I'll keep track of what I listen to.

The Odd Thomas books have a really good narrator. Good on ya David Aaron Baker.

At home I had a bigger salad for dinner, and since I was still hungry I put some creme cheese on some rice crackers and ate that. I'm STILL hungry but it's late so any food I eat now will just digest as I sleep and not contribute to long energy. At least that is what I vaguely recollect about eating anything four hours prior to sleeping.

Anyhoo. Got a nice piece of correspondence, so I wrote a response. Got to use my "modern art" stamps, that are so cool. Kinda don't want to mail the Duchamp and Man Ray stamp though...

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

why did you have to dot your "i's"???

Finally ordered my scanner! Now I'll have to play it nice and fiscal. Less diamond studded yachts.

At work I started off my emptying the trash. Wasn't quite sure what I'd be up to. I did a more thorough press wipe, and hopefully I really got all the wet ink off the press. It tends to get in unusual places. Handles, fronts, backs, all the bits. Tried to get them. Then I dusted the press down. Some of the ink will need a more powerful chemical to get off, but I didn't do that today.

Next I weeded vinyl to float the text onto these die cut stickers. The vinyl was very small and I went very cross eyed doing it, and there is yet more vinyl to weed. Such little letters, though really it is the dots for the i's that give the most trouble. Such little things to watch out for.

I took down the trash and recycling and that was it for the day. At least my boss was sympathetic to my cross eyed condition.

At home I ordered the scanner, and had a salad for dinner. Nummy salad.

Now my eyes need a rest from all their....looking at stuff.

Can't wait to scan stuff!!

Monday, March 25, 2013

on the island (in cards and in television)

Had a very short day due to boss being at a conference thingy. So all I had to do was coat the 20 screens I reclaimed on Friday (some coated easier than others, due to patches) and do a press wipe. Press wipe being a cleaning of the press to make it all spiffy. Started listening to Brother Odd. As much as I like Peter Wimsey, I was missing Odd Thomas. The narrator is like an old friend. I listened to the first book while printing my thesis all those years ago.

At home I took a bath and worked on my crossword puzzle book. I've got 2 solved thus far, out of 200. Go me!

And for the first time I got out of work on a Monday with plenty of time to go to game night! So I went, and the regular familiar faces were there (Andy, Chris, Karen, erm...the others). I had a pizza and we played Around the World in 80 Days, this card game this Chris was testing, this other card game, this Pandemic-esque game. Fun! Hopefully more of my Mondays get out at good hours.

Relaxed at home. Watched Top of the Lake, a gloomy New Zealand set murder mystery with a strong female cast. Nice to see the NZ scenery filmed through a Pacific Northwest lens. Maybe it isn't all tropical and beautiful?

Sunday, March 24, 2013

viva Mexican food


Agreed to help Nathan move, though I don't know how much help I actually provided. Anyhoo. Arrived in Redwood City at 3ish and helped pack some shirts and move some boxes out and whatnot. There will be several trips, so not everything needed to get Uhauled immediately. From there we (Nate, Helen and myself) went to the u-store place and Nate filled out the paperwork. Then we got Mexican food and went to Helen's (which was only a couple blocks from the storage unit) and had a late lunch and worked on crossword puzzles. We three solved one! Helen is really good at clues. Nathan got a few as well.

From there we went to Nate's new place in Menlo Park. It was... extremely cozy, to put it kindly. Unkindly, it is really small. But it is month to month, so it can give Nate some time to find a better place. I helped move a couple things in and out. Met the couple who owns the main part of the house (Nate is renting a space that is part of a converted garage or something). Met their dogs.

Nate & Helen set off for the Storage Unit and I set off for San Jose & Steve. Steve was watching King of the Hill when I arrived, and I got caught up in watching a few episodes with him. It's a really good show when you think about how Hank is content in his little life really wants to be a good father though he is at odds with Bobby, how Peggy is very dissatisfied and always wants something more, and the overall themes of small town people fighting big changes. We met up with Kyle and Molly and got ice cream. The chocolate/vanilla swirl that I got was BIG, holy cow! I didn't think it would be, but it was. We wandered around the street and then went off in search of Mexican food. There was a little hole in the wall place (much like the one I went to in the afternoon with N&H) and plenty tacos were bought and we four consumed them back at Steve's. They were damn good too. Mmmm.

I like driving home late at night, because I can go my own pace on 17. That is to say a slower and saner pace.


Broke my habit and slept in on a Sunday. I hade a big scramble breakfast, and did laundry, and had an avocado and creme cheese sandwich for dinner. Didn't really get up to much besides farting around the Internet.

Need to come up with a few more art projects. Maybe design a couple new cards. Oh! Scanner. Still haven't bought one. Dang. I need to get my work address though, so I can have UPS deliver there instead.