Friday, July 1, 2016

midwest diss

My main phone suddenly just started pausing and stopping in the start up mode. Like the logo would show up and the phone would freeze there. No amount of turning it on and off changed that. And draining the battery and recharging didn't do nothing. So I removed the SD card and backed up what was on that and I did a hard factory reset. I was able to get into the reset menu (which you get to with some trick button pushes). And that didn't get it to boot up either. Like it should be reset to how it was out of the box... it drained the battery today and I recharged it but I haven't tried turning it on yet. I need to find the receipt because it's covered by the replacement coverage I got...or it should be. Might be able to get the replacement like I did with the first phone of mine. Speaking of which, I am using that replacement one I didn't like so much, but it's better than nothing. It switched numbers over really quickly. Maybe because it had switched over once before. It has much fewer apps but for the time being, it's better than nothing. I need to find that receipt.

More hours at work! Work work! Not complaining. Yesterday I was on breakfast and it was pretty zombiefying. Did an okay job. I need to find a way to be faster. I want to be a superstar housekeeper! And I helped turn rooms after breakfast. Today was going to be intense but things changed and it was less intense. I got things rolling and we powered through the rooms like champs. Lots of cleaning and wiping down and tidying. Deconstructed the inflatable bed that was put in one of the rooms.

We kinda screwed up the cookies, well I didn't so much but I wasn't watching out either. But maybe they turned out??

I got home and fell into an intense nap state. Then got up and had noodles for dinner and washed hair and watched Best in Show and drew comic. Now I think to tuck back into bed.,

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

days have no meaning

 Yesterday was exhausting. Visiting me when I work is no fun because after I'm just dead to the world for an hour. We busted out a lot of rooms and I did floors and there was folding and much going up and down. Super team! At home, Dad was out on the water and I took an hour nap. Then he made hot dogs cuz he's a good Dad and we chatted. He mowed the lawn. I need to learn how to mow.

Today was less exhausting. Worked with a different tag teamer and the dynamic was different for sure. Got it done, but I think we could have got it done a lot faster. I don't like to micromanage.

Work got done, I went home and played vidya games because I had enough energy to not need a nap. I have laundry going right now. Tomorrow I have an early shift, whoo! So nighty night. I gotta get up early.

Sunday, June 26, 2016

four days for days

 Sorry, way behind in updating. Internet was slow one night. Then I got lazy another. Then it was late on the third! Anyhooooo.

Thursday! Thursday I worked. Laundry shift I think. It was a good day. Worked hard. Did good work. Ate curry. I think that was the day we were super duper efficient too. Everything got done with time and labor to spare.

And so I scooted over to Silverdale to kill time till I picked up dad at the airporter. I went to Target and suffered through over an hour of swimsuit shopping. Some had back clasps that were way too big and not adjustable for my sizing, so I had to pick one that tied. And I did find a super cute one that has a razer back, so it actually is a suit that doesn't dig into my neck like all the other bikini tops! And I tried on a bunch of bottoms and found one I liked. It was still a miserable experience, even though I like how I look.

Then I hopped over to Kohl's to see if they had anything that would work as a bridesmaid dress, and you know what! They did! In the 80% off clearance section too. I had no idea their clearance sales were so good. Okay they had a lot of awful stuff, but I found one great marine blue dress that's very smooth, and one that has this electric pattern that a new pal dubbed "energy demon" so now it's the energy demon dress, and I look so good in it (see above). It was also from JLo's line, which is hilarious to me. It's stretchy and still comfy and machine washable. And it doesn't ride up. And the two dresses totaled in at $30. Major deal. I will have to come back because at this point I was pressed for time. Seems like a good place to round out the dress part of my wardrobe.

The airporter arrived and Dad and I went back to Seabeck. We chatted and snacked and I saw pictures of the adorable baby Kaylee. My niece Kaylee!! YAY KAYLEE!!!!! I need to get a picture so we can have the two space ladies of the Spencer clan in one photo.

And at home I drew and went to sleep pretty tired.

Friday! Surprise party for Karen day! I slept a bit. Washed my new dresses. Ate curry for breakfast. Dolled myself up and headed out! The surprise was at Bremerton Letterpress Co. Marit had decorated with Ashley but Karen didn't know there would be a surprise party later. I drove in and parked RIGHT as Karen and Rob and Lily were walking in to the shop and I was like OHHH KAREN DON'T TURN AROUND AND SEE ME, and she didn't! I got in right after her when she was still all OH MY!! in happiness at the people there. She even cried a little bit, she was so happy with the party. The cupcakes were delicious. And the cookies. Mmm. I talked to Ashley and...I've forgotten her husband's name! Oh no! They are travelling around the US in an RV staying for a while here and there. We talked 48 states routes and National Parks. Great people.

A year ago Karen turned 29 and told me she was pregnant. She's gone from Nordstrom's to partner in a letterpress studio in a year! And there's a three month old baby and husband and house too. So much change and she is doing so well, I'm so proud and happy for her!

I hung around at the party for a while, even after it had died down. I changed out of heels into clogs but still looked fly in my dress. After we said our goodbyes, I got food at Central Market and went home.

Saturday! Actual Karen's birthday day, in which we made plans to hang so that I wouldn't let on there was actually a party happening. But of course I was going to stick to the plans.

I didn't leave till later in the day, so I had time to do my comic and chill and whatnot. I met Karen in Silverdale and the tail end of her birthday lunch with her family at Origami Sushi. Nice to say hi to her parents. They are a sweet folk. Then we (Karen and I) relocated to Goodwill for some walking, browsing, and chatting. I carried Lily in a carrier and she was as delightful as could be. She made some peeps, but all I had to do was bounce her a bit and she quieted down, and eventually fell asleep. I bought some earrings. Karen got some baby clothes. I made a quick Trader Joe's pit stop and then we went to Thea's parent's house (where Thea was). Thea is a friend of Karen's and we've met a few times and I think I forgot her name in previous blog posts, but now I know it! For sure! Thea!! She made a tasty dish with beef and potatoes and onions and carrots and other stuff. It was really good and just the right amount of spicy and we ate it on tortillas and all was awesome. We played some Cards Against Humanity with Masa and Mavis and Alonso. I pulled an early lead and then stalled. I got home very late.

Coworker was ill and I took her shift.

When I showed up, they were a bit surprised to see me. Oops yeah we are supposed to be all "hey I'm covering so and so's shift!". Anyway, I was on laundry and the weekend crew has a slightly different vibe. Cool people though, I really like everyone there. And someone used a glittery lush bath bomb in the tub and that was awful. I put a note on the board to inform people to watch for glitter in the washer, just in case it starts showing up in laundry after I washed the rags. Bluuuhhh. There's a reason why people say glitter is the herpes of the craft world.

And I did some weeding too, and headed home! Well got some food and gas and then went home! Dad helped me (well I helped dad) change my transmission fluid. It didn't look bad, but it was good to change it! Oil will need a change soon too. I put so many miles on my poor car.

We nibbled on chicken and I heated up a small portion of my curry for dad to try and he really liked it! Hurray! He said I didn't need to change a thing.

Then we retired. I drew a comic. My computer continually overheated and shut down. Argh.

But here is what I've been up to! Awesome, huh?