Friday, July 1, 2016

midwest diss

My main phone suddenly just started pausing and stopping in the start up mode. Like the logo would show up and the phone would freeze there. No amount of turning it on and off changed that. And draining the battery and recharging didn't do nothing. So I removed the SD card and backed up what was on that and I did a hard factory reset. I was able to get into the reset menu (which you get to with some trick button pushes). And that didn't get it to boot up either. Like it should be reset to how it was out of the box... it drained the battery today and I recharged it but I haven't tried turning it on yet. I need to find the receipt because it's covered by the replacement coverage I got...or it should be. Might be able to get the replacement like I did with the first phone of mine. Speaking of which, I am using that replacement one I didn't like so much, but it's better than nothing. It switched numbers over really quickly. Maybe because it had switched over once before. It has much fewer apps but for the time being, it's better than nothing. I need to find that receipt.

More hours at work! Work work! Not complaining. Yesterday I was on breakfast and it was pretty zombiefying. Did an okay job. I need to find a way to be faster. I want to be a superstar housekeeper! And I helped turn rooms after breakfast. Today was going to be intense but things changed and it was less intense. I got things rolling and we powered through the rooms like champs. Lots of cleaning and wiping down and tidying. Deconstructed the inflatable bed that was put in one of the rooms.

We kinda screwed up the cookies, well I didn't so much but I wasn't watching out either. But maybe they turned out??

I got home and fell into an intense nap state. Then got up and had noodles for dinner and washed hair and watched Best in Show and drew comic. Now I think to tuck back into bed.,

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