Wednesday, June 29, 2016

days have no meaning

 Yesterday was exhausting. Visiting me when I work is no fun because after I'm just dead to the world for an hour. We busted out a lot of rooms and I did floors and there was folding and much going up and down. Super team! At home, Dad was out on the water and I took an hour nap. Then he made hot dogs cuz he's a good Dad and we chatted. He mowed the lawn. I need to learn how to mow.

Today was less exhausting. Worked with a different tag teamer and the dynamic was different for sure. Got it done, but I think we could have got it done a lot faster. I don't like to micromanage.

Work got done, I went home and played vidya games because I had enough energy to not need a nap. I have laundry going right now. Tomorrow I have an early shift, whoo! So nighty night. I gotta get up early.

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