Friday, May 10, 2013

I feel the weekend. it is almost here.

A relatively mellow day. Nothing was too rushed and it all seemed to work out. I started by reclaiming five screens, then set those aside to dry. I cleaned the remaining 11 screens of ink and by the time that was done, there was stuff on the other side of the studio to do. I weeded some vinyl, I cut some stickers, I caught a job that has been sitting in the works for a while. Chatted with Jeff. Coated those five screens. I'll need more gas if I am to reclaim those remaining screens. Gas for the pressure washer. Flatulence has nothing to do with reclaiming screens. I got caught up on The Unbelieveable Truth. Ma, did I give you that radio panel show? It just looks like there is Neverwhere and Cabin Pressure in the drop box. Lemme know if you want it, it's pretty funny.

I ran a Safeway errand. That is to say I bought a huge quantity of toilet paper and some Drano and Udon, and other things. When Trader Joe's sells larger quantities of TP and chemicals, I'll probably never need to go out to another store. I put back the candy I was thinking of buying, so I felt good about that...because I already had chocolate covered frozen bits of banana at home.

Anyway. At home I drew up a little something for Ma. Not my best something, but I hope she'll like it. It's in the mailbox now, so it will probably arrive after Mother's Day.

WHooo it's the weekend! And Friday/Saturday I'm going on a little minitrip of sorts with Steve. His parents bought this place and need someone there for these deliveries, so we are going to be the people that are there to pick up the deliveries (his parents aren't there). So I'll be gone doing that tomorrow night. So. See you Saturday! Whooo Friday!

Thursday, May 9, 2013

slug lovin' sloth

My sore throat is almost entirely gone. Hurray!

Started the day by finishing a job that has been on the docket for a while. I taped some screens as well. And coated some screens. Always seem to be short screens these days. It wasn't always like that. Or was it? I think some screens are just tied up in jobs that get ran rather frequently, versus reburning them time and time again. Anyway. We finished the day by printing a single color front and back job, that was 600 units. Nice big job. The shirts came in in the morning and are ready to go out by the time we leave. Nice.

At home I modified a tee that was a bit taught on the collar (i.e. I cut off the color and part of the sleeves) and now it is really comfy! Hurray. OH MAN I was going to...errr I won't say what I was going to do. I'll just do it tomorrow. I get home, and I get distracted...time for a to do list.

Oh! When I was reclaiming screens yesterday, I noticed a banana slug but it was almost underfoot, so I made sure to move it to a safer spot.

I spent a lot of tonight reading Hyperbole and a Half. It's pretty good stuff.

Odd Owl's Kickstarter is at $2691!!

Tuesday, May 7, 2013


Felt a lot better after that long sleep. My throat is still hoarse for some reason, but the rest of me is fine.

Starting the day, we guessed which band would start first on the classic rock station.I guess Queen, Chris guessed Rolling Stones, and Jeff went with Tom Petty. It started on ads, but then the first song that played...BUM BUM BAAAAHHH BUM BUM BAAAAHHH BUM BUM BAAAAHHH BUM BUM BAAAAHHH BUM BUM BAAAAHHH. I heard Jeff in the washout area go "AWWWW" and Chris in the office go "WHAAAAATTT" and the song continued "BUDDY YOU'RE A BOY MAKE A BIG NOISE PLAYIN' IN THE STREET GONNA BE A BIG MAN SOME DAY!". So awesome.

Sleeves were ran. I cleaned some stuff. I taped some stuff. We ran the backs on some stuff. I pressed some hats and reclaimed screens. A nice full day.

At home I cooked up some pasta and settled in for a night, well, in.

Odd Owl's Kickstarter is almost to 2k!

Monday, May 6, 2013

what a sucky monday

My body feels bad all over, and I'm going to go to bed soon. Maybe have some tea before.

My throat felt raspy and my extremities were just sore and tired. It made work a bitch. Hauling boxes. Cleaning stuff. I was moving at half pace, but at least the Boss was sympathetic. Generally I'm busy as a bee, always looking for something to do.

We ran the front and backs on a job and I started listening to Hannibal Rising.

At home I took to sitting but I still don't feel much better. Hopefully a long night sleep will remedy my pains.

Odd Owl's Kickstarter is at $1500!

Sunday, May 5, 2013

I could pass many days like this, and be content


Started my weekend at the dog beach with Janet! Had a couple doughnuts. Met Susan and Alicia. And met many many dogs. It was a gray morning, and just a bit on the side of cold, which was disappointing because of how hot it has been through the previous week. After the dog beach, I gave Janet the "Beware of Dog (she is adorable)" print that I bought her for her birthday. She really liked it and said she'd put it up at work (because Joey goes with her to work). Hee hee.

Back at home I had a scramble and watched Doctor Who. In the late afternoon, I packed up and headed to San Francisco. I prefer to tag along with Carmen to the Odd Owl shows, because it is easier than arriving later in the day and trying to find parking downtown/driving back late at night. Anyhoo. I accompanied her to their practice space, which was cool. It's sort of neat to think about a warehouse filled with band practice spaces, and all the bands have their own thing going on. All that stuff going on, tucked away in an industrial area. Anyhoo. We picked up Stephen along the way to the space, and then we went to the venue, Amnesia. And found great parking! Less than a block away. Sweet. Anyhoo. There was unloading and stuff. I took a little walk to this scifi book store, though didn't find that much of massive interest. And I got a burger from a little burger place and talked to Madeline on the phone (the band was doing band stuff). When I returned to the venue (which was a narrow bar with a small stage), it had filled up a bit and Adam, Vanessa, and Phil were there. I bought a drink but it was this ginger licorice beverage that took a while to consume. Ehhh. The other musicians were New Spell, a three piece band, and Anita Stryker who was singing with a wide variety of backup people. Odd Owl went on first and were quite swell. Of course. The venue was packed and everyone was really into it.

Anita Stryker had a voice like she should sing the next James Bond theme. Really lovely. She had a violinist, and a dude on cello. It was all quite nice. New Spell had a funky rhythm and sound that I dug. Because I ended up not paying the cover for the show (what with being with the band) I used that money towards buying the New Spell CD. Gotta support artists! After the show, we unloaded the stuff at the practice space and I crawled into bed (at Carmen & Josh's) at the nice time of 2:30am...


And I woke up at 7:30am, so that I could meet Robin for breakfast. Having gathered directions the night before, I tip toed out of the house and headed to the sort of Tenderloin area of San Francisco. It was a quiet Sunday morning, so I didn't have to fuss with traffic and I found parking on the street by the apartment complex. Hurray! We got tea, and then went to a little bakery place and got some pastries, and then we returned to the place she is house sitting and Robin whipped up some tasty scrambled eggs. Yum! It wasn't much time, but we did get some catching up done. Just a little bit of good company goes a long way.

I left San Francisco at 10:30 and was back in Santa Cruz by noon. This weekend felt long. Maybe because I got up early both days?

Anyway. I took a nap late in the afternoon. Helped Janet install a shelf above the stove. Took it really easy and the time crept past. Now I shall eat a salad and watch Game of Thrones.

What a weekend!

Oh and Odd Owl has a kickstarter that you should totally support. I'll make a full post about it soon, but here is the link: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/oddowl/odd-owls-first-album-as-a-full-band