Thursday, August 1, 2013

treasures in my teefers

For some reason I agreed to go to work early on Friday as well! What is wrong with me? We've got a lot of printing to do, and someone has to do it so it might as well be us. And starting early gets us out earlier, which is nice. My whole evening isn't eaten up. Not that I did much with tonight. Watched TV. Ate dinner. Erm. Yeah.

We ran a job that took a lot of set ups for different shirts. Very annoying. They could make it easier but they don't. Oh well.

Boss bought a coffee pot for the studio and a mirror. Not fond of seeing how frazzled and haggard I get by the end of the day, but hey at least I can tell how much stuff is in my teeth!

for every active morning, there is an equal and opposite inactive evening

There is road construction on Branciforte, so today and tomorrow it is impassable from 9am-4:30pm. Which sucks because I need to be on that road to get to work in a reasonable amount of time. So instead of driving the long way around (on 17) I got up 2 hours earlier and got to work at 8:45am.

It's amazing how accomplished I can feel when I get up early and do a bunch of stuff and look at the clock and its only 11am. I burned a bunch of screens. Caught a job. Burned more screens. We have one job that has all these different icon sizes and stuff. Lots of set ups/pallet changes. That was tackled in part near the end.

I ate those Ketchup Lays chips I got in the exchange/gift. They were very vinagar tasting, but did smell quite like ketchup.

Nearing the last chunk of chapters on Deathly Hallows. Have a few ideas for what I'll listen to next. Took me almost exactly the whole month to listen to all the audiobooks. I have a sense for what I'll listen to next.

I took it easy in the evening. Watched some TV.

Alana moved all the way out. :( I'm sad to see her vamoose like that. So now we either will get the two months notice...or won't and will have to find a NEW person.


Got a AAA membership. Not the fanciest of ones, but maybe I'll upgrade. 5 miles of free towing isn't so useful if you might end up needing a tow on a Californian freeway. But the car seems in good order and I check the tire pressure regularly. The blue coolant symbol has been coming on a lot lately when I start up my car both at work and at home, but it goes away after 5 minutes of driving. Probably the incoming heat. Ah cars. I preferred my Portlander days when I didn't have to deal with them.

I looked into local art class/workshops, but the websites were terrible and the classes were expensive. I don't wanna pay that money on a gamble that it might suck/might not meet anyone to hang with.

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

goodies from across the border

Finished the drawing!! Might get some touches here and there, but for the most part I am DONE! WHOO! That took so much more work than I initially expected. Can't wait for y'all to see it!


I went to it. It was good. Printed. Burned. Coated. Sorted. We got some nicer tees in for one order. Well they seem nice, but they could also be scratchy because of the knits.

Before work:

Went to the post office to pick up this gift exchange I received. I've been doing these gift exchanges through this forum I'm a part of. This one was "hometown" themed, and I got a box of goodies from Toronto! Waaah! But I had to wait till after work to open it up.

After work:

Holy crap my exchange box was AWESOME!

Cool cardstock packing pyramids.

KETCHUP AND DILL PICKLE FLAVORED LAYS! I think I'll share some with Jeff tomorrow.

Kids in the Hall DVD set! WOAH! And a comic book...

And tea, chocolates, a mix CD, noodles, chips, ramune, a Scott Pilgrim poster. And they included a very nice letter detailing the gifts, and they left their email so I'm going to make an effort to turn them into a penpal. They had no reason to be so extravagant, they were just really nice and went for it. I sent off a Santa Cruz "hometown" gift to someone, but it wasn't the person who sent me this box. Sure Seabeck is more my hometown, but I'm a bit far away from there. But yeah, like, how great is this awesome haul! Canadians are so nice. I really should visit Toronto as it has so much stuff that is right up my alley. My friend Caroline just moved there. I should visit.

I like doing these gift exchanges. For one I went to that antiques market to find those steins. For another I painted that picture of Arya. It's a fun way to challenge myself to draw things or to see gifts out. And it just feels good to do nice things, you know? And I get goodies in return. This assortment was really needed too, because July has been tough.

Goodies and finished art. A good note to end the month on.

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

one day one, four to go till the next weekend

Ahhhh my eyes! Up late working, so close but I need to rest lest I mess everything up. It's looking REALLY GOOD I must say.

Work was rerunning two jobs. They both went pretty well. I burned some screens. I cleaned stuff. I...oh I forgot to go grocery shopping tonight. I'm out of fruit. Err. I'll do that tomorrow or something.

I also reclaimed a bunch of screens. Whooo! Keeping up with the need of mucho screens to be burned. Soon.

It wasn't really all that warm. It's been a bit cool in Santa Cruz lately, and it seems like it is really hot every where else. Ha. Non-coastal SUCKERS!

Didja like the gifts Ma?

Monday, July 29, 2013

making it look nice


Had a good little sleep in, and then I set about doing my laundry and cleaning my room. Alana moved more of her stuff out. I really want for us to say "landlord changed his mind, move back in!" Had some tea and an eggy breakfast. Did my makeup early on in the day because when it is the weekend and you are not getting all mussed up at work you can do your brows and eyeliner. It's fun.

Worked on the Odd Owl album art some more! It's really coming along. Should be done tomorrow night. Well the city portion should be done.

In the late afternoon Steve came down. We opted to head to the wharf for fish and chips, instead of working on our 99 bottles cards. It was a nice night for the walk. I put some pennies in the crushers on our way out to Stagnaro Brothers. We found a bench and ate our fish and chips while listening to the seals and seagulls. There was this grandpa trying to hoist his grandkid up to see the seals, and he (the grandpa) had a lit cigarette in his mouth. I was so afraid that he would burn the kid accidentally with it. Dessert was fudge from Marini's. The evenings entertainment was Welcome to Night Vale. Can't get enough of this awesome podcast, and now I've moved onto trying to get everyone else I know to listen to it.


The problem with making breakfast foods is that if you don't have milk you can't really make anything beyond scrambled eggs and toast. So Steve and I went to Buttery and got breakfasty sandwiches. And then breakfasty dessert of pecan bar and a bright pink Snowball made with home made marshmallow. Mmm that snowball was good. We walked down into a park and listened to the screams of the boardwalk. Those screams are really good at navigation throughout the downtown area.

There was a Wharf to Wharf run today, as evidenced by tons of people wearing Wharf to Wharf shirts and numbers. But since we didn't print those event shirts at work, I was unaware of this thing happening. Funny how that goes. Some things I only know about because we print them.

Steve headed back up north and I set to listening to audiobooks and working on the art. I made a good chunk of progress, I'm really stoked for how this is turning out! Should be an awesome album cover.

And now it is very late and another week begins. August is almost upon me. Woah.