Thursday, August 1, 2013

for every active morning, there is an equal and opposite inactive evening

There is road construction on Branciforte, so today and tomorrow it is impassable from 9am-4:30pm. Which sucks because I need to be on that road to get to work in a reasonable amount of time. So instead of driving the long way around (on 17) I got up 2 hours earlier and got to work at 8:45am.

It's amazing how accomplished I can feel when I get up early and do a bunch of stuff and look at the clock and its only 11am. I burned a bunch of screens. Caught a job. Burned more screens. We have one job that has all these different icon sizes and stuff. Lots of set ups/pallet changes. That was tackled in part near the end.

I ate those Ketchup Lays chips I got in the exchange/gift. They were very vinagar tasting, but did smell quite like ketchup.

Nearing the last chunk of chapters on Deathly Hallows. Have a few ideas for what I'll listen to next. Took me almost exactly the whole month to listen to all the audiobooks. I have a sense for what I'll listen to next.

I took it easy in the evening. Watched some TV.

Alana moved all the way out. :( I'm sad to see her vamoose like that. So now we either will get the two months notice...or won't and will have to find a NEW person.


Got a AAA membership. Not the fanciest of ones, but maybe I'll upgrade. 5 miles of free towing isn't so useful if you might end up needing a tow on a Californian freeway. But the car seems in good order and I check the tire pressure regularly. The blue coolant symbol has been coming on a lot lately when I start up my car both at work and at home, but it goes away after 5 minutes of driving. Probably the incoming heat. Ah cars. I preferred my Portlander days when I didn't have to deal with them.

I looked into local art class/workshops, but the websites were terrible and the classes were expensive. I don't wanna pay that money on a gamble that it might suck/might not meet anyone to hang with.

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