Wednesday, July 31, 2013

goodies from across the border

Finished the drawing!! Might get some touches here and there, but for the most part I am DONE! WHOO! That took so much more work than I initially expected. Can't wait for y'all to see it!


I went to it. It was good. Printed. Burned. Coated. Sorted. We got some nicer tees in for one order. Well they seem nice, but they could also be scratchy because of the knits.

Before work:

Went to the post office to pick up this gift exchange I received. I've been doing these gift exchanges through this forum I'm a part of. This one was "hometown" themed, and I got a box of goodies from Toronto! Waaah! But I had to wait till after work to open it up.

After work:

Holy crap my exchange box was AWESOME!

Cool cardstock packing pyramids.

KETCHUP AND DILL PICKLE FLAVORED LAYS! I think I'll share some with Jeff tomorrow.

Kids in the Hall DVD set! WOAH! And a comic book...

And tea, chocolates, a mix CD, noodles, chips, ramune, a Scott Pilgrim poster. And they included a very nice letter detailing the gifts, and they left their email so I'm going to make an effort to turn them into a penpal. They had no reason to be so extravagant, they were just really nice and went for it. I sent off a Santa Cruz "hometown" gift to someone, but it wasn't the person who sent me this box. Sure Seabeck is more my hometown, but I'm a bit far away from there. But yeah, like, how great is this awesome haul! Canadians are so nice. I really should visit Toronto as it has so much stuff that is right up my alley. My friend Caroline just moved there. I should visit.

I like doing these gift exchanges. For one I went to that antiques market to find those steins. For another I painted that picture of Arya. It's a fun way to challenge myself to draw things or to see gifts out. And it just feels good to do nice things, you know? And I get goodies in return. This assortment was really needed too, because July has been tough.

Goodies and finished art. A good note to end the month on.

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Anonymous said...

How fun is that? I love that you shared the photos of the imaginative gift pack. Nice to make meaningfull connections with strangers through these gift exchanges. C: mumm