Friday, November 14, 2014

Amanda got Friday off!!

Wednesday I went to Bainbridge and worked on a chalk board sign and some display items for the Poulsbo store. Redoing the display all Christmas like. And I had time to price a few items, then I picked up the comics I ordered at Liberty Bay Books (Seconds and Tomboy! Two I've had my eye on for a while) and did a massive Trader Joe's run. The beer I like, Ninkasi's Sleigh'r, is back on the shelf! I should make a chili with it. Mmm.

Back home and oh boy it got cold real fast. Seems like it was in the 50's a week ago, now it's closer to the 20's.

Thursday I was in Poulsbo helping with the display. Hauling boxes, setting things up, doing more design work, and we popped into Bainbridge to pick up more stuff. Holiday rush! I bought a doughnut at Stuy's as a treat to myself. A doughnut shaped like a man. I bit his head off first.

Today I did a bit of design work. Got some stuff to work on over the next few days, but I'm not on site again till Tuesday.

Ahhh I'm so excited for Friendsgiving! Company and food and all this good stuff. I'll task myself to really hunker down on the menu and looking up recipes this weekend. Get a sense of what I need to buy.

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

gotta make a to do list because I've got some stuff to do

Captioned a few images and priced some dish sets from home. Slept in a moderate amount. Didn't go food shopping. Needa go food shopping. I'm going to do that tomorrow after work. Going to go to Trader Joe's and get the GOOD STUFF. Lit a fire. Read in front of the fire. Ate left overs.

Mellow day. Did some work. It was very windy but not rainy, so I guess I'll take that.

This black thing washed up on the shore. It looks like the black plastic of a shellfish tank/bed. Like, big and thin with holes for pipes?

Salvador went missing in the night. Poor kitty.

Working on site tomorrow!

Oh! I heard back from the hotel job, and while it was a positive call I declined due to having a job, but I did so in a way that if I no longer get hours at this job later on, I can call up and see if they are hiring because they said they'd be down to interview me again. So holla for that.

the price of things

Spent these past two days plugging away at pricing for shipping. Learned a lot about different rates, and I think I got a hang of it! I printed out the complete USPS pricing chart, though I did four pages a legal size paper sheet, so the type was VERY small but I could read it with a bit of a squint. It's proved useful. So I got the chart all filled up with shipping. But over time I'll add more to it. So much data! But oh I feel victorious, and my boss gave me enthusiastic feedback. I just hope it is right!

Yesterday I went into Port Townsend for a little movie date. We were going to see My Old Lady, but it was sold out, but two of Celia's friends (Jan and Jill??) mentioned seeing Birdman at the Uptown, which is a theater I hadn't even been paying attention to! We got our seats right as the trailers were rolling, so excellent timing. And what a relentless film! It never lets up but in a good way. Visionary, well performed, just all around great. Really happy I was finally able to see it, as it has been on my list for a good long while. Now to watch the calendar for Laggies, Whiplash, and Force Majeure.

We both had Elevated Ice Cream afterwards, and we both went with the delicious Mexican Chocolate flavor. So absolutely good!

Went to bed early, as I was feeling exhausted. But I was called to work from home, so that was a bonus. I've been feeling so worn out these past couple days, and now I'm feeling like my old self again. Now to tuck into bed. I'll set my alarm but there is nothing pressing on the docket.

Really wanna try making the New Orleans chickory style iced coffee. I had that in San Francisco at Blue Bottle with Robin, and it was SO GOOD. You make a vat of cold brew and dilute it. I need to figure out the Thanksgiving menu and practice the things I plan to make (cranberry sauce, bread, green beans...oh mashed taters). Some things I'm not taking care of, but some things I am. Did I mention I'm having a Friendsgiving? Friends for Thanksgiving! It'll be awesome, I'm sure.