Tuesday, November 11, 2014

gotta make a to do list because I've got some stuff to do

Captioned a few images and priced some dish sets from home. Slept in a moderate amount. Didn't go food shopping. Needa go food shopping. I'm going to do that tomorrow after work. Going to go to Trader Joe's and get the GOOD STUFF. Lit a fire. Read in front of the fire. Ate left overs.

Mellow day. Did some work. It was very windy but not rainy, so I guess I'll take that.

This black thing washed up on the shore. It looks like the black plastic of a shellfish tank/bed. Like, big and thin with holes for pipes?

Salvador went missing in the night. Poor kitty.

Working on site tomorrow!

Oh! I heard back from the hotel job, and while it was a positive call I declined due to having a job, but I did so in a way that if I no longer get hours at this job later on, I can call up and see if they are hiring because they said they'd be down to interview me again. So holla for that.

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