Friday, May 24, 2013

lets get some shoes

I'm pooped. Work was long and full of cleaning and catching and running around getting stuff done and hoping that things don't go wrong (they didn't, we ran a bunch of stuff and it was awesome). Got home late. Managed to get on with drawing at a respectable hour. Had some late pasta.

I bought a pair of Vans for work, yay for Zappos! And I bought a pair of Palladiums, because I like the other pair of that brand that I have and I need a shoe that is a little more fit for walking, but isn't so heavy like my Romeos. Might pick up a gel insert for the Vans. I wonder how long they'll look pretty. My work shoes are not looking too pretty. With my raise and my long hours, it feels good to be pretty financially stable. Early on in my job, there were lots of random time offs, and I haven't had any time off since Christmas so it's been stacking up. I'll feel really good when I have at least one months worth of rent in the savings. I'm close! Very close.

The shoes were needed though. Well the Vans were. The Palladiums have just been on my wish list for years, so ya know...treat yo' self! And if they don't fit, I can always send them back and buy some Roos.

Thursday, May 23, 2013


Another night where I don't start drawing till late in the evening. It's a bad habit. But I need that chunk of time to be unproductive between work and productivity. At least that is what I tell myself.

I finished Sabriel and started Vulture Peak. Yay for audiobooks that are less than 30 hours! I get through them so quick.

It was a cleaning/small task driven day. Jeff ran the press and Stu caught, so I did the squeegee and floodbar cleaning, and the screen taping and burning, and the screen cleaning and reclaiming, and those things. The studio is seeming more productive with Jeff. We are growing! Getting better and bigger.

Did I mention Andrew has been bringing his girlfriend's dog to work with him? Puddin is the dogs name. Puddin. Not Pudding. It's a cute little thing.

Another nice day at work. Things are good.

Also Bob's Burgers is HILARIOUS and I really hate how Netflix automatically plays next episodes. I think I watched about 6 tonight just while drawing stuff...

Odd Owl's Kickstarted is at $6,196!

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

blue green and almost white, though not quite

Ohhh I'm tired, but we ran a bunch of shirts today! Hundreds of shirts! Fronts and backs (in discharge ink) of one design, which Stu caught and counted into piles of 6 and I sorted into boxes and labeled said boxes. I caught and boxed another job, which came in at a neat 600. I also cut some stickers and weeded some vinyl. A nice full solid good day of work, and it wasn't heatstroke inducing either. Though it was still warm.

Had an udon and two egg dinner, then I got to work sketching. Need to be more on the ball, but at least I got some more stuff to them.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

off to a running halt of a week

Work kicked my butt. It was hot, and I was working all through the day, and it continued to be hot, and I worked worked worked like an awesome...worker person. Caught shirts. Cleaned screens and squeegees. It was waterbase, which is nice and easy to clean. Caught more shirts. Coated screens. Taped screens. At least the boss has a good humor about his employees being frazzled by the heat.

Grabbed some more eggs and went home to relax. A bit behind in my drawings for Odd Owl. I'll remedy that tomorrow.

Oh, I also mailed some packages before work.

And I started Sabriel by Garth Nix and it is SO GOOD!!

Still waiting for my print portfolio to arrive...Kaaareennnnnnnn.....

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Day out with Dom & Miggs

Had a good long sleep, and woke up to a call from Dominic telling me that he and his friend Miggs were an hour out of Santa Cruz! So I got up, had breakfast, and cleaned up my room. Didn't know if they'd see the room, but it felt good to tidy.

Just after I finished my breakfast, than did I get a call from Dom saying he was at Caffe Pergolesi, and thus began my afternoon of hanging out with cool people. I rode my bike down and we had beverages and I had a cookie and we chatted and drew and caught up a bit. Talked art, talked jobs, talked life. I dropped my bike off at home and we went to get sandwiches at Zoccoli's Delicatessen. I had the tri tip. Mmm. We drove down to and past Lighthouse Field State Beach and had our sandwiches on the rocks enjoying some mist from the ocean. A really beautiful day, and I managed to get some sun on my arms. Back in town, Miggs and I bought some ice cream, and met up with their friend Bob who has decided to bike from the Bay to Santa Cruz. He started just before 7am and arrived at around 4:10pm. That is a heckuvvalot of biking and distance. But it probably was really beautiful. Bob got an iced drink and Dom gave him a sandwich that he had bought earlier, then the three of them departed back up North.

Really nice to see Dom and meet new people.

I made a quick grocery run. Washed my work shirts. Worked on a thingy for this gift exchange program I signed up for. Got that done. Now I'm waiting for Game of Thrones. Janet volunteered at Bookshop Santa Cruz today, to help with the David Sedaris uber signing event. So jealous! Seems like it was fun stuff.

Double Trek


Total hectic day at work. Jeff ran bandannas and I caught a bit, but mostly I speed cleaned some screens. I started reclaiming but I was needed to catch shirts as Stu wasn't there to catch, but you can't exactly stop reclaiming, but I think Kara was brought in to catch or something. So I went straight from reclaiming to catching with no second to catch my breath. I had my sandwich ontop of the dryer and took bites when I could find the time to have them. 600 shirts! And it was only the fronts. There will be more in the coming days at work. I'm going to have a proper sleep in on Sunday.

After that very full day, I took a little breather and then went up to San Jose to meet Steve, Jen, Adam, and Kyle for dinner. Mmmm tasty burrito. It had fries in it! Then Steve, Kyle and I were dropped off at the Imax Dome and Adam caught up with us, and we with Travis and a few others saw Star Trek!

Except when it is on the big big dome Imax screen, it is way too big. My eyes were seriously hurting and several scenes were hard to follow. The sound was great but it was not worth it. It was awesome, yeah, but it was very stretched out. I knew I would be seeing it a second and very proper time before the weekend was out. Crashed at Steve's.


Steve and I had breakfast at Flames, a sort of Denny's like establishment. Then we went to this mall that was supposed to have a Daiso in it (I needed to pick up some stuff at a Daiso) but the mall was weirdly sparse with really insubstantial stores in it. And I later came to find out that I left my little glasses case come carry case in the bathroom. I wonder if it got turned into the Lost and Found.... Daiso wasn't in the mall, but it was near. I picked up some stuff and then we parted ways. Steve is working on job/new apartment stuff. Will be a bummer if he moves further than San Jose away, won't be so easy to hang out. Boo.

I went to Kinokuniya afterwards, because I wanted to see what the one in San Jose looked like. They had the Deleter Zip Tone, but it was crazy expensive for a couple sheets, so I didn't get it. Didn't go grocery shopping in the attached Uwajimaya-esque store. Returned to Santa Cruz and spent a jolly good time relaxing. Walked to locate Darco and see what the fuss is about that stationary store...but it closed early. Had a scramble for dinner. Watched Doctor Who.

And I went to see the 3D 10:25 showing of Star Trek...which was AWESOME. So much nice booty in that movie. Awesome actors. Everyone is so well cast, and the special effects are phenomenal. Ma and Pa! Go see it! 3D is not essential, but it did add a nice flare to a few scenes. Such a good followup to the first movie.

And now I shall have my first full sleep in....in several weekends! I've been busy. It's a good feeling.