Thursday, May 23, 2013


Another night where I don't start drawing till late in the evening. It's a bad habit. But I need that chunk of time to be unproductive between work and productivity. At least that is what I tell myself.

I finished Sabriel and started Vulture Peak. Yay for audiobooks that are less than 30 hours! I get through them so quick.

It was a cleaning/small task driven day. Jeff ran the press and Stu caught, so I did the squeegee and floodbar cleaning, and the screen taping and burning, and the screen cleaning and reclaiming, and those things. The studio is seeming more productive with Jeff. We are growing! Getting better and bigger.

Did I mention Andrew has been bringing his girlfriend's dog to work with him? Puddin is the dogs name. Puddin. Not Pudding. It's a cute little thing.

Another nice day at work. Things are good.

Also Bob's Burgers is HILARIOUS and I really hate how Netflix automatically plays next episodes. I think I watched about 6 tonight just while drawing stuff...

Odd Owl's Kickstarted is at $6,196!

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