Sunday, May 19, 2013

Day out with Dom & Miggs

Had a good long sleep, and woke up to a call from Dominic telling me that he and his friend Miggs were an hour out of Santa Cruz! So I got up, had breakfast, and cleaned up my room. Didn't know if they'd see the room, but it felt good to tidy.

Just after I finished my breakfast, than did I get a call from Dom saying he was at Caffe Pergolesi, and thus began my afternoon of hanging out with cool people. I rode my bike down and we had beverages and I had a cookie and we chatted and drew and caught up a bit. Talked art, talked jobs, talked life. I dropped my bike off at home and we went to get sandwiches at Zoccoli's Delicatessen. I had the tri tip. Mmm. We drove down to and past Lighthouse Field State Beach and had our sandwiches on the rocks enjoying some mist from the ocean. A really beautiful day, and I managed to get some sun on my arms. Back in town, Miggs and I bought some ice cream, and met up with their friend Bob who has decided to bike from the Bay to Santa Cruz. He started just before 7am and arrived at around 4:10pm. That is a heckuvvalot of biking and distance. But it probably was really beautiful. Bob got an iced drink and Dom gave him a sandwich that he had bought earlier, then the three of them departed back up North.

Really nice to see Dom and meet new people.

I made a quick grocery run. Washed my work shirts. Worked on a thingy for this gift exchange program I signed up for. Got that done. Now I'm waiting for Game of Thrones. Janet volunteered at Bookshop Santa Cruz today, to help with the David Sedaris uber signing event. So jealous! Seems like it was fun stuff.

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