Saturday, November 7, 2015

Waltz is always such a good villain

Wednesday & Thursday & Friday

Getting so behind. Continually behind.

I saw a late showing of Spectre, the new Bond movie. It felt like a Bond movie. Gadgets, funky villains, babes, and a real sense of physicality to the stunts. Like a lot of money was spent with real stuff instead of doing it all in computer. I dug it.

Earlier today (Friday) I worked from home a bit, doing some eBay whatnots. Then I did laundry. Did a bunch of laundry over the past few days. I went over to Bremerton to hang with Karen and Rob. Their house is looking so nice! I helped Karen paint trim for the walls and helped hand Rob power tools while he assembled stuff. Rob brought home some chocolate to snack on. I like Rob. Good guy, that Rob.

I worked on site on Thursday. Photographed and itemized some things. Not a long day, but nice to get out of the house. Jeremy was at work for a bit too. At home I finished the illustration up and got to bed late.

Wednesday I worked from home, worked on the illustration, ... did I make the food run on Wednesday? Maybe. Can't remember. I guess I could check my blog post but ehhh that takes effort. I did a food run sometime and got a good assortment of vegetables. Yum.

No plans to leave the house till Monday. Time to chill, time to work.

Swung by Ma and Pa's today as well and picked up my way cool lapel pins that I ordered from Ryan Bubnis. They're so cool.

Now I'm super congested. Time to rest.

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

people, places, things

My ribs hurt. Coughing too much? Might have slept on my stomach funny.

Anyhoo! I went food shopping and got a bunch of much needed veggies and hummus and chips (Juanita's, natch) so that'll be good for my body. Not been eating well.

Maybe it's my sneezing that is jangling my insides.

So! The concert! Was super fun. I caught the 5:30 ferry because my pre-concert hang out plans fell through so I didn't need to be in Seattle super early, nor did I really want to be. Met a lovely lass named Angel on the ferry who was wearing a Dir En Grey shirt. She was ten years younger than me, but nice enough and by herself so we hung out. I got Ivar's fish and chips and shared my chips, and we walked together to The Showbox. A nice clear night. We parted ways in line because I was going to be waiting for someone (Marcus) to show and would be waiting after the line started going, and one of her friends showed up to talk so yeah. Had a couple drinks at the bar and it became evident Marcus wouldn't be able to make it (stuck on set) and it was too late to probably get another person in to use my second ticket. I'm glad I didn't pay for them but bummed it went to waste because if I had more time then I could have found someone else. BUT going solo enabled me to meet a fella in the 21+ section of The Showbox who was nice and tall with interesting glasses and I got his number.

It was a fun show, but a bit low energy. No one moshed. But it's good that people aren't getting an elbow to the face. No opener. Just out they came to cheers and they rocked it out. I wasn't too familiar with the songs but it had a great vibe. I stayed up mostly in the bar section because I'm short and didn't feel like dealing with the crush. But I did go down for a few songs and I drew a little bit. Kyo, the lead singer, had a shaved head and was looking not as young as he did a decade ago. Good show, though I don't think I'll see them again.

Rachel, a school chum who I haven't seen in four years, was also at the show and I met up with her in the merch line. She got a hoodie and I didn't get anything and we walked over to the Elysian and got a brewski and talked till last call. We bid adieu and I hauled off to catch the 12:15 ferry back to Bainbridge, which I caught. I had good luck with catching ferries with minutes to spare. Got back home late, tucked into bed after washing my face of the really good makeup I did.

See? Pretty nice eh? 

Monday, November 2, 2015

my stomach hurts

Blugh I don't feel well, but I didn't eat well today. Didn't eat a lot of good for me food. I've been slouching on doing the much needed food shopping so I've just been eating toast and simple sandwiches. But Tuesday I'll have to do some shopping for sure absolutely. Monday I'll be out of the house.

Today I slept in way too much. I started a fire and burned two loads of wood. Listened to podcasts and Career of Evil, the new Robert Galbraith novel, and generally lay about feeling sorry for myself.

Yesterday I didn't do anything for the holiday. I went over to Celia's and hung out. Linda came over with Gabriel and she and Celia mostly talked. I hard a hard time getting a word in. Really gotta pounce in that conversational crowd. Watched some Netflix with Celia and retired home.

Yeah Halloween isn't my thing.

I'm so out of shape. I wish there was a gym nearer, because then I could get out of the house and meet people on a regular basis. I liked the yoga dynamic back at PNCA. I just...a 45 minute drive a gym is ridiculous when it's not on the way to a regular thing. But I do spend most of my time house bound. It's awful.