Monday, November 2, 2015

my stomach hurts

Blugh I don't feel well, but I didn't eat well today. Didn't eat a lot of good for me food. I've been slouching on doing the much needed food shopping so I've just been eating toast and simple sandwiches. But Tuesday I'll have to do some shopping for sure absolutely. Monday I'll be out of the house.

Today I slept in way too much. I started a fire and burned two loads of wood. Listened to podcasts and Career of Evil, the new Robert Galbraith novel, and generally lay about feeling sorry for myself.

Yesterday I didn't do anything for the holiday. I went over to Celia's and hung out. Linda came over with Gabriel and she and Celia mostly talked. I hard a hard time getting a word in. Really gotta pounce in that conversational crowd. Watched some Netflix with Celia and retired home.

Yeah Halloween isn't my thing.

I'm so out of shape. I wish there was a gym nearer, because then I could get out of the house and meet people on a regular basis. I liked the yoga dynamic back at PNCA. I just...a 45 minute drive a gym is ridiculous when it's not on the way to a regular thing. But I do spend most of my time house bound. It's awful.

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