Saturday, January 24, 2015

labeling images and all that

Had a slow roll out in the morning. Sat on the couch, where the best wifi is, and ate a scramble and had some coffee and interneted it up.

Backstrom is not a show worth watching. Apparently it is based on a Swedish book series...still the show is really forced.

I worked from home. Washed dishes. Ohhh I forgot I needed to do laundry.

Tomorrow I'm going to go see The Babadook and maybe hang with Marcus after. Hurray for leaving the house!

I updated my movie calendar and added The Homesman and A Most Violent Year to the list.

The weather has been stormy, with white crashing on the beach, but it hasn't been the loud rough destructive waves of a month ago.

I've been going through my magazines and tearing out the pictures I like, and setting the magazines aside to recycle.

I emailed my old job about my W2, so that's done.

Wish I had more to write. I used to write so much, but also much more happened day to day. I guess when you start your daily blog with the going away to college stage of your life, and then seven years later...well things settle down a bit. Hopefully not for long.

Friday, January 23, 2015

late twenties now


Woke up and slept in and had a late go of things. I wasn't even shoving breakfast in my face till 1ish. Dad had to get my flat tire fixed (my car got a flat!)

But yeah, I'm 27 now! Birthday! Whooo! I opened my presents on the 20th and there wasn't a party so like...nothing much happened and all that.

I drove out to Bremerton, but cruised through Poulsbo and picked up The Blazing World from Liberty Bay Books first. THEN I went and picked up Karen. THEN we met Ma and Pa at Anthony's in Bremerton for a birthday dinner. We all had the sunset special, and I went for the kabob. Bread! Then appetizer! Then salad! Then entree! Then dessert! Wow! And Mom presented me with the Palladiums that Nate & Helen got me! Nice all black shoes. Post dinner, I hung out with Karen at hers for a bit, and she handed me down some amazing clothes! She has such great style, and now I am more stylish! Low key birthday, but good to see K, and to get my car back.


Worked on site! Got these free kayaks on Craigslist, and there was a stampede to pick them up! And two people arrived at the same time and didn't want to share! I relayed my research on the print, and contacted a gallery to see if they wanted the piece. If only it was the Queen Aggie Daikon print that I saw in St Petersburg, Florida. I loved that Yuji Hiratsuka print. Funny how that artist came back around in my life.

I photographed jewelry and items and all that good stuff.

And then I went to Suquamish! Aaron and I grabbed pizza and watched Netflix.

Not working on site tomorrow, but I've got oodles to do.

I wore one of Karen's new dresses today. This stripey sort of retro frock with tights and my new shoes. Felt groovy.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

struttin' my stuff, torqueing that wrench


Got up at a somewhat decent hour and had a muffin and Dad arrived at 11 for car stuff. I put on long johns under my work clothes. The heat of the heated garage quickly vanished with the garage doors open. The time had come to replace the struts on my car! The tires were removed fairly easily, as were the windshield wipers and the bolts of all sizes and out came the old worn struts and boy were they filthy! I have a very dirty wheel well. Hundreds of thousands of miles crusted on there. But once the struts were off it became evident that we needed another part: the cover for the piston thingy. The protective cover. We ordered it in at Napa (they said it would arrive at the Silverdale store at 4:30) and got as much other stuff done as possible. At 2:30ish we went to the Geoduck Tavern. I had the fish and chips basket, dad had the burger. Then we drove in to Silverdale and...the part wasn't there! It didn't make it onto the delivery truck in time! Dang! All that way, for what? We returned (in the van, not my car, my car only had two wheels at this time) to Seabeck and I had some tea and grabbed a few things, and then returned home in the van.


Slept in a bit. Had udon and egg for breakfast. Ma & Pa showed up at around 1 to resume car stuff (Mom tagged along so that she could drive home and Dad would take my car, so that I wouldn't have to drive out and pick him up and rendezvous and come right back here and whatever). They brought my presents! Ma relaxed in front of the fire while we worked. And uhg what work! The spring needed to be compressed more, and then redone because the rubber at the base was crooked, and just the amount of force to compress the spring so that the bolt would lock into the thingy! So much work! It took many tries to get the first one all screwed together and oriented right, but we got it! The second went together in a couple tries, and boom it was back on the car and my car was rolling again! All it needs now is the alignment checked and corrected.

We took a break for turkey burgers for lunch. I opened my presents! Lots of sweets and plaid pajamas (that I am wearing right now) and Elsa Lanchester's book, and a Mignola book, and a Tamaki comicm, and socks and even MORE SWEETS! Yesss! And we took another break to eat the cake they brought over. Boston Creme Pie! Very delicious. Ma left after the cake. Dad left at around 9ish. Hopefully tomorrow we get to swap our cars. I ate some pasta for dinner, had some candy, watched some television.

And it's past midnight so now I'm 27! How 'bout that?

Monday, January 19, 2015

car repair extraordinare

I need to buy some more cadburry creme eggs. And regular eggs.


Drove in to Silverdale to meet Dad at Meinecke so that they could inspect the alignment on my wheels. Wanted Dad there so that he could properly make sense of what they were saying about my wheels and whatnot. I don't trust car dudes to treat me with respect. Nor do I trust myself to remember all that there is to ask about my car.

In the time waiting for my car we went to Elendil and checked out how it was. It's looking nice! Can't wait for summer to toll around so that I can boat it up.

Picked up my car and we decided to install the new struts ourselves and then get the alignment done. It'll save us ~$400 and I'll get to learn something about car repair, and Dad will drive it in to the shop to have the alignment done so if the tires fall off on the way there, I won't be the one to die! Hurray!

After the car we went to Hakata. I had katsudon and Dad had udon and we shared a crunchy roll. Good sushi there! At least Silverdale has good sushi restaurants. It may not have much, but it has that. We checked out the hobby shop and I snapped a pic of the "graphic arts" merit badge at the scout store, so that I could post it and declare that Mel had more than earned one for herself. I drove back home, knowing that if I went to Trader Joe's I would splurge on food I don't need immediately.

Then I settled in for television and not much else.


Slept way in, in my blanket cocoon. The power went out during the night, but it came back on before I was even up. Had a scramble and later on went over to Celia's for a dinner of rice and stew and TV (an episode each of Fleming and Top of the Lake, and three episodes of Parks and Recreation). Dad is coming up tomorrow to do the car stuff!

So here is hoping that goes well.