Monday, January 19, 2015

car repair extraordinare

I need to buy some more cadburry creme eggs. And regular eggs.


Drove in to Silverdale to meet Dad at Meinecke so that they could inspect the alignment on my wheels. Wanted Dad there so that he could properly make sense of what they were saying about my wheels and whatnot. I don't trust car dudes to treat me with respect. Nor do I trust myself to remember all that there is to ask about my car.

In the time waiting for my car we went to Elendil and checked out how it was. It's looking nice! Can't wait for summer to toll around so that I can boat it up.

Picked up my car and we decided to install the new struts ourselves and then get the alignment done. It'll save us ~$400 and I'll get to learn something about car repair, and Dad will drive it in to the shop to have the alignment done so if the tires fall off on the way there, I won't be the one to die! Hurray!

After the car we went to Hakata. I had katsudon and Dad had udon and we shared a crunchy roll. Good sushi there! At least Silverdale has good sushi restaurants. It may not have much, but it has that. We checked out the hobby shop and I snapped a pic of the "graphic arts" merit badge at the scout store, so that I could post it and declare that Mel had more than earned one for herself. I drove back home, knowing that if I went to Trader Joe's I would splurge on food I don't need immediately.

Then I settled in for television and not much else.


Slept way in, in my blanket cocoon. The power went out during the night, but it came back on before I was even up. Had a scramble and later on went over to Celia's for a dinner of rice and stew and TV (an episode each of Fleming and Top of the Lake, and three episodes of Parks and Recreation). Dad is coming up tomorrow to do the car stuff!

So here is hoping that goes well.

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