Saturday, January 24, 2015

labeling images and all that

Had a slow roll out in the morning. Sat on the couch, where the best wifi is, and ate a scramble and had some coffee and interneted it up.

Backstrom is not a show worth watching. Apparently it is based on a Swedish book series...still the show is really forced.

I worked from home. Washed dishes. Ohhh I forgot I needed to do laundry.

Tomorrow I'm going to go see The Babadook and maybe hang with Marcus after. Hurray for leaving the house!

I updated my movie calendar and added The Homesman and A Most Violent Year to the list.

The weather has been stormy, with white crashing on the beach, but it hasn't been the loud rough destructive waves of a month ago.

I've been going through my magazines and tearing out the pictures I like, and setting the magazines aside to recycle.

I emailed my old job about my W2, so that's done.

Wish I had more to write. I used to write so much, but also much more happened day to day. I guess when you start your daily blog with the going away to college stage of your life, and then seven years later...well things settle down a bit. Hopefully not for long.

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