Saturday, August 6, 2016

farts are funny

Few days behind again! Whoopsy!

On Wednesday I got there at 9, as the comic shows, and I got to work. We've been full up day after day, so each shift each room is either fluffed or turned. We're getting really good at busting them out though. 10am is a good enough start time, but the earlier you can start the better. Course 9 is about the earliest you can start and have non kitchen duties. Forget what I did with the rest of Wednesday. Went home and drew and napped probably. 

Thursday! Another buster day. I got right to rooms and was occupied with stripping them for the first hour of my shift, then Erin came in and we really knocked it out. She did four bathrooms and I did two. She's so damn fast!! I feel like a snail when I work alongside her. I also picked apples when I had extra time in my shift. That was nice. Really easy apples to pick. I think they might have more than they know what to do with, I wonder if a juice maker would be interested?

Bought some artbooks at the second hand shop.

Took a dip in the water, watered the garden, chilled. Drew.

Had noodles. Went to sleep.
It was going to be a three day weekend for me, but Erin needed someone to cover her shift so I am covering it.

I have Sunday off, and that day is my High School reunion so I guess I'll go over to Seabeck and check that out. Ma and Pa, will you be home that day?

Today I took the recycling to the Dosewallips recycling. Felt good to finally get that out. I emptied the trash too, but that isn't full. I have some laundry rolling about in the dryer. I put away a bunch of laundry. Put away some books. Worked on breaking in my bridesmaid heels. Played some FTL. Painted my nails. Didn't get as much done as I'd like, but I did chip away at what's been needing to be done.

Now it's way past my bedtime.

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

starry eyed

Another successful shift at work! I got there at the earlier start time and there was a bit of a lag while waiting for work to happen, then I was off to the races! Stripped one room, got laundry going, Ginger arrived, three rooms checked out. Teddi was on laundry till noon. We busted the rooms OUT. With one person tending to laundry it really lets the cleaners go right through rooms. So we busted them out and got on to floors and napkins and miscellaneous things. Watered this and that. Yeah. Helped boss out with some copy for a room.

And there were left over pancakes from breakfast! So good. Nice when that happens.

Filled up my tank on the way home, played FTL and beat the boss again. It was really easy too. Full shield plus cloaking plus having weapon fire not interrupt the cloak. Unlocked a new layout too because I got a certain achievement.

Drew a comic. Drew another thing I've been tasked to draw. Now I'm caught up on what I owe people. I think?

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

and then I took a nap


Got up at a pretty early hour to meet mum at the ranger station. Drove out with Celia. It was to be a six mile hike so I brought my special hiking toilet paper! And a waterbottle. Ma and Celia had snacks aplenty. First we dropped a car off at the bottom of the trail head, then we drove to the top in the other car. It was the Little Quilcene River Hike I Think That Is What It Was Called.

And it was a perfect day for it! Warm, but not scorching. In the shade, but not too cold. I was very comfortable. I wore my tan Palladiums that I've walked many miles in. Corbie was well behave. We snacked and stopped frequently. I didn't break a sweat, but then again I hadn't recently broken an ankle nor was I carrying a backpack. In retrospect I could have done more to lighten the load.

I saw a really cool plant! Indian pipe or Monotropa uniflora. A cool plant that lacks chlorophyll and is parasitic! Ma and Celia walked right by but I noticed it. Go me!

There were these two ladies and a younger guy that passed us on the way up, and then passed us on their way down.

Four hours and some change we hiked! Afterwards, we ate cake and Ma opened some presents from Celia. It was a long drive back up and down with all the potholes. The Discover Pass wasn't accepted in the National Forest, so they both got a $5 ticket. Oops! I got my voter stuff and back home we went.

I took a nap.

And worked on art later and then went to sleep.


7:30am shifts are killer. I can do them in a pinch but holy crap! But actually everything went well. Breakfast was served at a good pace and I had time to get a room stripped between breakfast guests. Plates didn't linger too long. I got everything cycled through. After breakfast I mostly ran point for Ginger. She did bathrooms, I worked on laundry and making beds and dusting and vacuuming. She still did a lot of bathrooms! I did the fluff. But tomorrow I think I'll make sure to get in on the bathrooms. I like things to be even. I don't want to feel like I'm a slacker. Though I did work the breakfast shift, which has its own demands. I was pretty frazzled by the end. Did a grocery run. Deposited the cash from my portion of the tips (whoo!). Went home.

I took a nap.

And worked on art later. And now I sleep.

Monday, August 1, 2016

bird attack

went for a hike, will elaborate when I don't have to get up in five hours for work

Sunday, July 31, 2016

lots of comics, not much done

OH MY GOOOOOD so I've had a few days of my internet being absolutely rubbish so it was hard to post, on top of my computer continually overheating. Just THE WORST.

So sorry.

So it's Saturday night and the last time I wrote was Monday night. Eep!

Work was good. Got everything done with time to spare on all the shifts. I had Thursday off and I went swimming in the canal, which is a lovely blue shade due to a plankton bloom, and there was a Denny's carton with two slices of ham that someone had tossed in the canal. That was properly disposed of on land. I went to Bremerton after that and baby sat Lily! I changed a poopy diaper even! Rob was home earlier than expected, but I still looked after Lily. Went for a walk. Tried to get her to nap but she was too stoked by the walk. Gave her lots of hugs and cheek kisses. What a great little baby. When Karen returned, Rob took Lily to rollerskating and K & I ran errands and she bought me dinner and we chatted and it was nice. And I was given my bridesmaid shoes which are SUPER HOT and great. Need to wear them in a little.

I saw Star Trek Beyond on Friday. It was fun! A nice straightforward movie with fun moments, and serious moments. But it didn't try too hard to be a big serious movie. It felt very Star Trek. I'm tired of grimdark blockbusters and this was very colorful.

I watered the plants. It's been very hot. So hot. Work is just like hot sweaty time. The fans do very little. I need to go grocery shopping. Down to toast and eggs.

Hmmm. What else has happened in this past week?

It's so frustrating to have computer and internet issues. The new laptop, I need to get a cord so I can connect it to my monitor. Right now it doesn't and my old computer has all my stuff on it so I'm not inclined to switch over, but I am. Slowly. Bit by bit.