Tuesday, August 2, 2016

and then I took a nap


Got up at a pretty early hour to meet mum at the ranger station. Drove out with Celia. It was to be a six mile hike so I brought my special hiking toilet paper! And a waterbottle. Ma and Celia had snacks aplenty. First we dropped a car off at the bottom of the trail head, then we drove to the top in the other car. It was the Little Quilcene River Hike I Think That Is What It Was Called.

And it was a perfect day for it! Warm, but not scorching. In the shade, but not too cold. I was very comfortable. I wore my tan Palladiums that I've walked many miles in. Corbie was well behave. We snacked and stopped frequently. I didn't break a sweat, but then again I hadn't recently broken an ankle nor was I carrying a backpack. In retrospect I could have done more to lighten the load.

I saw a really cool plant! Indian pipe or Monotropa uniflora. A cool plant that lacks chlorophyll and is parasitic! Ma and Celia walked right by but I noticed it. Go me!

There were these two ladies and a younger guy that passed us on the way up, and then passed us on their way down.

Four hours and some change we hiked! Afterwards, we ate cake and Ma opened some presents from Celia. It was a long drive back up and down with all the potholes. The Discover Pass wasn't accepted in the National Forest, so they both got a $5 ticket. Oops! I got my voter stuff and back home we went.

I took a nap.

And worked on art later and then went to sleep.


7:30am shifts are killer. I can do them in a pinch but holy crap! But actually everything went well. Breakfast was served at a good pace and I had time to get a room stripped between breakfast guests. Plates didn't linger too long. I got everything cycled through. After breakfast I mostly ran point for Ginger. She did bathrooms, I worked on laundry and making beds and dusting and vacuuming. She still did a lot of bathrooms! I did the fluff. But tomorrow I think I'll make sure to get in on the bathrooms. I like things to be even. I don't want to feel like I'm a slacker. Though I did work the breakfast shift, which has its own demands. I was pretty frazzled by the end. Did a grocery run. Deposited the cash from my portion of the tips (whoo!). Went home.

I took a nap.

And worked on art later. And now I sleep.

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