Sunday, July 31, 2016

lots of comics, not much done

OH MY GOOOOOD so I've had a few days of my internet being absolutely rubbish so it was hard to post, on top of my computer continually overheating. Just THE WORST.

So sorry.

So it's Saturday night and the last time I wrote was Monday night. Eep!

Work was good. Got everything done with time to spare on all the shifts. I had Thursday off and I went swimming in the canal, which is a lovely blue shade due to a plankton bloom, and there was a Denny's carton with two slices of ham that someone had tossed in the canal. That was properly disposed of on land. I went to Bremerton after that and baby sat Lily! I changed a poopy diaper even! Rob was home earlier than expected, but I still looked after Lily. Went for a walk. Tried to get her to nap but she was too stoked by the walk. Gave her lots of hugs and cheek kisses. What a great little baby. When Karen returned, Rob took Lily to rollerskating and K & I ran errands and she bought me dinner and we chatted and it was nice. And I was given my bridesmaid shoes which are SUPER HOT and great. Need to wear them in a little.

I saw Star Trek Beyond on Friday. It was fun! A nice straightforward movie with fun moments, and serious moments. But it didn't try too hard to be a big serious movie. It felt very Star Trek. I'm tired of grimdark blockbusters and this was very colorful.

I watered the plants. It's been very hot. So hot. Work is just like hot sweaty time. The fans do very little. I need to go grocery shopping. Down to toast and eggs.

Hmmm. What else has happened in this past week?

It's so frustrating to have computer and internet issues. The new laptop, I need to get a cord so I can connect it to my monitor. Right now it doesn't and my old computer has all my stuff on it so I'm not inclined to switch over, but I am. Slowly. Bit by bit.

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