Saturday, August 6, 2016

farts are funny

Few days behind again! Whoopsy!

On Wednesday I got there at 9, as the comic shows, and I got to work. We've been full up day after day, so each shift each room is either fluffed or turned. We're getting really good at busting them out though. 10am is a good enough start time, but the earlier you can start the better. Course 9 is about the earliest you can start and have non kitchen duties. Forget what I did with the rest of Wednesday. Went home and drew and napped probably. 

Thursday! Another buster day. I got right to rooms and was occupied with stripping them for the first hour of my shift, then Erin came in and we really knocked it out. She did four bathrooms and I did two. She's so damn fast!! I feel like a snail when I work alongside her. I also picked apples when I had extra time in my shift. That was nice. Really easy apples to pick. I think they might have more than they know what to do with, I wonder if a juice maker would be interested?

Bought some artbooks at the second hand shop.

Took a dip in the water, watered the garden, chilled. Drew.

Had noodles. Went to sleep.
It was going to be a three day weekend for me, but Erin needed someone to cover her shift so I am covering it.

I have Sunday off, and that day is my High School reunion so I guess I'll go over to Seabeck and check that out. Ma and Pa, will you be home that day?

Today I took the recycling to the Dosewallips recycling. Felt good to finally get that out. I emptied the trash too, but that isn't full. I have some laundry rolling about in the dryer. I put away a bunch of laundry. Put away some books. Worked on breaking in my bridesmaid heels. Played some FTL. Painted my nails. Didn't get as much done as I'd like, but I did chip away at what's been needing to be done.

Now it's way past my bedtime.

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