Wednesday, August 3, 2016

starry eyed

Another successful shift at work! I got there at the earlier start time and there was a bit of a lag while waiting for work to happen, then I was off to the races! Stripped one room, got laundry going, Ginger arrived, three rooms checked out. Teddi was on laundry till noon. We busted the rooms OUT. With one person tending to laundry it really lets the cleaners go right through rooms. So we busted them out and got on to floors and napkins and miscellaneous things. Watered this and that. Yeah. Helped boss out with some copy for a room.

And there were left over pancakes from breakfast! So good. Nice when that happens.

Filled up my tank on the way home, played FTL and beat the boss again. It was really easy too. Full shield plus cloaking plus having weapon fire not interrupt the cloak. Unlocked a new layout too because I got a certain achievement.

Drew a comic. Drew another thing I've been tasked to draw. Now I'm caught up on what I owe people. I think?

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