Friday, February 14, 2014

Cillian Murphy is in it

Had a full day at work, with lots of running around and odds and ends getting stuff done. Hoodies and tees were run. Lots of hoodies. Still more hoodies to go. But nice to be printing big orders, instead of tinkering and problem solving. I did an inventory. I ordered two sweatshirts wholesale for myself. Nice ones. I'm stoked for them to arrive. Nice to have the work wholesale discount.

I also put grommits in some banners which Ryan had cut and coated screens. A nice day.

Had some dinner. Had some tea. Watched the first episode of Peaky Blinders, which has film work that is trying WAY too hard. Good actors and sets and costumes (period crime drama) but overall...damn the filming is annoying.


Thursday, February 13, 2014

Justen is bad at Jenga

Whoo! Fun night! Justen (old housemate) is in town for the weekend. So we (him, Tara, Michael, and I) hung out tonight. We walked to Trader Joe's and picked up pizzas and meatballs and salad and bacon, and had a feast. Then played telephone pictionary and then Jenga. It was great to hang out and gab and drink a bit. Good company. Lotsa laughs.

Work was fine. I reclaimed. I caught. I taped. Didn't do anything too fancy, but we finished a big job which lightened the mood considerably.

It was also very hot at work! Almost shorts worthy! So toasty.


Got up earlier. Went to the Post Office. Counted out some shirts. Reclaimed. Weeded. Was a general shop assistant. Chatted with Kara. It was a shorter day and I was feeling woozy so I went home. Coulda done a few things, but I needed some more food.

Made a Trader Joe's run. Had some potstickers and sushi. Watched telly. Felt better and not woozy.

Guess what? Still no congestion!

The weather is nice and clear. So a weekend of rain. Still, I hope for more.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014


I was feeling a bit down all day, and a bit scatter brained. Dunno why. Will try to go to bed earlier tonight and see if more sleep does anything. I didn't get the best night sleep.

I didn't blow my nose ONCE today! I've rarely been doing it since I've been having my honey. It's still early, but I have no reason to stop.

Oy yoi yoi. I'm watching Call the Midwife, a period show about, well, midwifes, and due to all the screaming birthing mothers I keep turning the volume down. It's a bit awkward to be overheard watching. It's on Netflix Instant!

Caught shirts at work. Did some custom jerseys. Weeded vinyl. Coated screens. Like I said, I was scatterbrained and not on my A game.

It was a nice sunny day. Rain came. Rain went.

another Holly photo

My Internet keeps fluctuating! It will be really good, and then down to nothing. Dunno what's up with that. I just pay for a bit of it, so I don't have control over provider.

Work! Work was stressful. Lots of trial and error and restarts. Probably set a new daily pallet change record. Oy yoi yoi, so much. Coated screens. We are going through screens at a nice rate, but we have a really good system down now with Ryan. He'll reclaim a few, put them in the room to dry, and I'll coat them at the end of the day.

Had some Annie's pasta at home. Annie's is so good. Need to buy some more. Rewatched the last chunk of the latest episode of True Detective a few times, because there was a 6 minute single shot scene and it was amazing. Intense. Just dang.

A mellow Monday night.

Monday, February 10, 2014

green & blue

Set my alarm so that I wouldn't sleep further in than yesterday. Got work in the morning, gotta get up for it!

Maybe got work. Boss may not have returned from Tahoe, so maybe it'll be a four day weekend?

Anyhoo. I had some tea and oatmeal. Did my Trader Joe's weekend run. It was rainy and overcast. What I would call totally lovely weather. I honestly kinda missed it. I know I've bragged about the sun and the shine, but dang if a gray day doesn't make me feel comfortably me.

I caught a matinee of The Lego Movie, and I must say that it was amazing. The audience was full of kids, but I was laughing the hardest. It seemed more like a near-nostalgia movie than an outright for kids movie. Either way, I had so much fun. It was so happy through and through. And the animation was great. Heck, all of it was great. I really recommend it. I didn't see it in 3D, but it probably wouldn't hurt to see it in such a manner.

I was thoroughly rained upon on my walk back from the theater. I put on my jammies and got to cleaning. I swept and vacuumed, and even mopped the dining/kitchen area. I've got my chores, so I shall do them. I don't mind cleaning though. Just so long as I have a podcast to listen to.

I had gyoza and edamame for dinner. Yum yum. Painted my nails green.

Sunday, February 9, 2014


Found out our beloved Holly doggy has passed away. She was well loved in her later years. I hope she feels like she got enough cuddles. I tried to give her plenty.

I slept way in. My bed was so cozy and I felt so weary.

I think I've only blown my nose twice today. Had a spoonful of local honey in the morning and a spoonful in my tea at night. Can't say it's working totally but only time will tell.

I misplaced my car rego sticker, so I spent a few hours cleaning my room properly (i.e. sorting through paperwork and dividing it up) and tidying my spaces and keeping track of where I put things. I found my rego! So that is good. I'll stick it on my car tomorrow.

Finished off my crock pot food. Did some laundry. Unloaded the dishwasher.

Just a sort of lazy day. Thinking about Holly.