Monday, February 10, 2014

green & blue

Set my alarm so that I wouldn't sleep further in than yesterday. Got work in the morning, gotta get up for it!

Maybe got work. Boss may not have returned from Tahoe, so maybe it'll be a four day weekend?

Anyhoo. I had some tea and oatmeal. Did my Trader Joe's weekend run. It was rainy and overcast. What I would call totally lovely weather. I honestly kinda missed it. I know I've bragged about the sun and the shine, but dang if a gray day doesn't make me feel comfortably me.

I caught a matinee of The Lego Movie, and I must say that it was amazing. The audience was full of kids, but I was laughing the hardest. It seemed more like a near-nostalgia movie than an outright for kids movie. Either way, I had so much fun. It was so happy through and through. And the animation was great. Heck, all of it was great. I really recommend it. I didn't see it in 3D, but it probably wouldn't hurt to see it in such a manner.

I was thoroughly rained upon on my walk back from the theater. I put on my jammies and got to cleaning. I swept and vacuumed, and even mopped the dining/kitchen area. I've got my chores, so I shall do them. I don't mind cleaning though. Just so long as I have a podcast to listen to.

I had gyoza and edamame for dinner. Yum yum. Painted my nails green.

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