Saturday, July 23, 2016

open road

Only a couple turns and fluffs the last shift. Pretty easy day. Got it all done. Did the floors. Chatted with coworkers. Ate couple days old cookies. At home I ate pasta and drew and relaxed. And my computer overheated before I got to blogging.

A thunderstorm went by. Lots of lightning and counting one mississippi two mississippi three mississippi... Now I don't need to water! I need to compare my smoke tree, because it looks like it has grown a bit.

I prepared 16 comics worth of panels. Dyed my hair again. To the usual dark brown I've been dying it. I didn't like the reddish roots. And I really like it now that it's dark.

Tomorrow I'm going to Seattle and I'm not coming back till Sunday!

Thursday, July 21, 2016

moisturize me!

My eyes are bugging and it's past my bed time!

Nice day at work. Four turns, I watered the left garden and then realized they meant the other left. Checked someone in. I keep trying to wear undershirts but now I just get so sweaty and I just melt and have to change down to just the regular shirt.

At home I got the "Living Off The Land" achievement in FTL, that was fun. I got a really good weapon in a drop, so that was lucky. Didn't beat the boss tho. The hacking stun is really tough, especially when they get your weapons.

Work tomorrow, then three day weekend!

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

two for your money

Today was a very light day at work. We got the rooms turned no problem, had to wait a bit on the fluff, got everything tidy and washed and folded. Got caught up on extra assignments. I watered the vegetable garden. All in all, nice. Though I sweated like craaaazy! Had to remove my undershirt. I've been wearing undershirts so I don't have to wash my work shirts so much but today nope, couldn't do it. Though this was going to be the last day I wore that work shirt anyway.

At home I worked on some art that I promised to work on, so it was good to make progress on that. And I did a comic even though I did two comics yesterday so I could focus on my other art today (make every day, most of it comics). I just can't quit now that I've stopped!

And off to bed with me!

Oh wait, after work I stopped by Imprint and bought Thing Explainer (book by Randall Munroe, super cool book about stuff) and put a comic on order.
Do you really need my last name for a no money down book order, especially with a first name like mine? REALLY???

the good stuff

I freehanded that whole comic! No presketch! No need to erase my lines and muck em up. Go me!

Work was breakfast, which...I'm still like AHHHH about. Knocked a bit of coffee over :( didn't hang a pan right and it fell, but didn't break anything. Did scramble eggs all right! But yeah I just...it's too much dexterity and coordination for my noodle to handle. Cleaning rooms, that's what I'm good at! I got through a bunch of bathrooms and a fluff and got done on time and then I realized I had a whole 'nother hour. So I had plenty of time to put stuff away and dust and all that.

At home I played some games and then succumbed to the nap I needed. Then I made some chicory cold brew (CCB) for tomorrow's consumption. And drew two comics! One will go up tomorrow because I have other art to work on.

Hop you are well, it's disturbing times out there.

Sunday, July 17, 2016

not going back to that store

Look!  A post!

Today was pretty mellow. I ended up not watering anything, but kept it chill. I played some FTL and unlocked a new spaceship layout because I got to the final sector with the Red-Tail. The Vortex is so difficult!! Anyhoo, and then I took a nice long bath and read a good chunk of The Girl on the Train. It's really keeping me guessing!

Now I think I'll put away dishes and tuck into bed.