Tuesday, July 19, 2016

two for your money

Today was a very light day at work. We got the rooms turned no problem, had to wait a bit on the fluff, got everything tidy and washed and folded. Got caught up on extra assignments. I watered the vegetable garden. All in all, nice. Though I sweated like craaaazy! Had to remove my undershirt. I've been wearing undershirts so I don't have to wash my work shirts so much but today nope, couldn't do it. Though this was going to be the last day I wore that work shirt anyway.

At home I worked on some art that I promised to work on, so it was good to make progress on that. And I did a comic even though I did two comics yesterday so I could focus on my other art today (make every day, most of it comics). I just can't quit now that I've stopped!

And off to bed with me!

Oh wait, after work I stopped by Imprint and bought Thing Explainer (book by Randall Munroe, super cool book about stuff) and put a comic on order.
Do you really need my last name for a no money down book order, especially with a first name like mine? REALLY???

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