Tuesday, July 19, 2016

the good stuff

I freehanded that whole comic! No presketch! No need to erase my lines and muck em up. Go me!

Work was breakfast, which...I'm still like AHHHH about. Knocked a bit of coffee over :( didn't hang a pan right and it fell, but didn't break anything. Did scramble eggs all right! But yeah I just...it's too much dexterity and coordination for my noodle to handle. Cleaning rooms, that's what I'm good at! I got through a bunch of bathrooms and a fluff and got done on time and then I realized I had a whole 'nother hour. So I had plenty of time to put stuff away and dust and all that.

At home I played some games and then succumbed to the nap I needed. Then I made some chicory cold brew (CCB) for tomorrow's consumption. And drew two comics! One will go up tomorrow because I have other art to work on.

Hop you are well, it's disturbing times out there.

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