Thursday, April 16, 2015

or(egon) is it???

4/15/2015, 9pm

In Dunsmuir, California! Arrived at 4:15ish after leaving Eugene, Oregon at 11:30ish. Not… a tasking day’s drive. I was brought a doughnut to start the day. We walked around a bit, then checked out of the hotel, and went to Brail’s and got breakfast. I got the breakfast sandwich and a pig in a blanket and coffee and it was all very tasty. I want to hit up Ninkasi on the way back.

We listened to Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone as read by Jim Dale, who mispronounced bezoar as “be-zshwah”. WRONG!!

I got an Arizona iced tea and some candy and that kept me content. We had an early dinner/late lunch in our Train Car Room in Dunsmuir. This hotel is made of converted train cars. About 20 or so of them. Each car is a room with beds and stuff. Ours is a Queen and a Twin. It’s fun, though not really extremely train like on the interior, but I guess people don’t really want to sleep in sleeper cars.

After settling in and eating we drove up to Castle Crags State Park and checked out the view point. And looked at the Botanic Gardens in Dunsmuir. Then back to the car. I used the wifi outside (it doesn’t work inside) and I came inside to type this up. Got a longer drive ahead of us tomorrow, but we don’t have to check in till 6pm, so not a big hurry.

4/16/2015 10:30pm

Seaside, California! So not totally Carmel or Carmel by the Sea or Monterey like I initially thought. Oh well oh well. It’s still a nice, spacious Air BNB room, with two bedrooms and stuff. Much more privacy than a hotel.

A rather uneventful, if long, drive down. We finished Harry Potter. It got warm and warmer. There really is no rain here. Poor drought ridden California. Lake Shasta doesn’t look good at all. There is a significant orange band around it. How long ago were we here? Did I note how low it looked? Did I note it looking down at all?

I stayed in while Ma and Pa got food. Watched TV. Mellowed. Tomorrow Ma and Pa will do wedding stuff. I think I’ll mellow apart and do some reading or whatever. I’m tired.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Where will I be at 300k?

I'm in a hotel room in Eugene, Oregon. Which isn't that far along driving wise...but Ma likes to take breaks. She isn't a long haul driver when it comes to being out of the MoHo.

Got out of bed at eightish. Showered. Packed. Took out the compost. Made coffee. Left at about 9:10ish. Pulled over to get a shot of my car's odometer when it rolled over to sweet, sweet 250,000 miles! Booyah!

I thought I was running late, but Dad was making lunch and no one was in much of a hurry. We had an easy departure. Filled up the tank. Headed south. Drove around Portland. Went to the Something Slough Wildlife Refuge and looked at birds and did a bit of a hike and had snacks. I napped. We got into Eugene at 7, had ramen at Toshi's Ramen, which was VERY tasty ramen indeed. Good broth.

We are at a motel in the heart of downtown. I walked around a bit and took some pictures and also desperately sought my own space. Can only take so much Ma and Pa, love them as I do.

A little bit more driving tomorrow. We are in no hurry at all.

cavorting and cashing out

Enjoying a nice Ballast Point Sculpin IPA as I take a break from packing. I am absolutely overpacking, but I want to look my best and I'm not sure what functions to pack for. Shirts, dresses, tights...etc.

And I have laundry drying so I have to fold that.

I ran errands today, whoo! I went to the library and dropped off books and picked up The Martian and Horologicon, I went into Silverdale and swung by Kohl's and picked up a few specific brand beauty brushes and there was a cute purse that won me over. White, turquoise, and tan. I needed a nice smallish purse. I'm pretty stoked on it. Nice to have something a bit less cumbersome than the striped tote I've been lugging about.

There was a perusal of the registry at Macy's, but only the toaster remained unbought so I opted out. I did get some Lenox travel mugs. Give one to Ma as a present. Made a Bevmo trip. Then went to Bremerton and picked up the contents of my comic box (Southern Cross, Help Us Great Warrior, Lumberjanes). Then into Port Orchard to get the matching Tiger's Eye stud. Now my earrings match!

I cruised back to Silverdale and made a Target run for hair ties and candy, then went to Silver City Brewery to meet Aaron for dinner. Originally we were going to meet at Hakata, but that place is closed on Sunday and Monday. I had the chai cider which was DELICIOUS and mahi mahi tacos. Aaron had a different fish dish and the porter. We chatted long and it was very nice. I like him.

Got back. Started laundry. Started packing. Makeup took some packing up. Bringing a lot with me, but I want to have all my tools at my disposal.

Full busy day. All I gotta do is roll out of bed, pack my car, and head to Seabeck. Then it's days in the van. Then the wedding!

Monday, April 13, 2015

slapdash lipstick


Slept in and did some at home stuff doing ebay listings and whatnot. It was a rainy day, perfect for being inside. Or was that Friday? Watched some of the new Daredevil show. Ate popcorn. Did a bit of laundry.


Slept in the smaller bed. It's much cozier. The big bed is so...big. And I'm so wee.

Did a bit more work. Did a lot more slouching about. Did a makeup practice:

And took out my earrings to try on others. The new piercing might need a bit more time (though it's well past the heal by date, though I did catch it a few times on my hair ouch!!). I think I'll pick up a matching one tomorrow, and keep those studs in most of the time. Good bye silver hoop! You've served me well but you are much too difficult to put in and out on a regular basis.

Tomorrow I do my last run of shopping for things. My skins been weird so hopefully that clears up!

Almost wedding time!