Monday, April 13, 2015

slapdash lipstick


Slept in and did some at home stuff doing ebay listings and whatnot. It was a rainy day, perfect for being inside. Or was that Friday? Watched some of the new Daredevil show. Ate popcorn. Did a bit of laundry.


Slept in the smaller bed. It's much cozier. The big bed is so...big. And I'm so wee.

Did a bit more work. Did a lot more slouching about. Did a makeup practice:

And took out my earrings to try on others. The new piercing might need a bit more time (though it's well past the heal by date, though I did catch it a few times on my hair ouch!!). I think I'll pick up a matching one tomorrow, and keep those studs in most of the time. Good bye silver hoop! You've served me well but you are much too difficult to put in and out on a regular basis.

Tomorrow I do my last run of shopping for things. My skins been weird so hopefully that clears up!

Almost wedding time!

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