Saturday, May 21, 2016

comic completed

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In 72 hours I sketched and inked and polished an eight page mini comic collection. And it looks really good! I've very pleased with the results. It took a lot of work. Hours at night after long days.

First chunk of sketching happened after Dad's visit. He showed up at 8:30ish and put the shrimp pots in. I made coffee. When he got them the first time I had my breakfast and got ready to face the day. A jerk in a big boat almost dragged his pot down because they were clueless about line management!

I helped (slightly) cut some metal for my new large glorious planter box. We snacked. I made tea. For the final shrimp collection, I joined Dad on the open water in the smaller kayak. It was quite the paddle out to the bouys, and the big jerk boat saw me coming and they motored away. They knew backup when they see it!

I got lots of good photos out on the water and photos of Dad. A boat was headed our way and I did the Tusken Raider cry and they turned away. I'm a force out on the water!

We got the shrimp limit. Cooked them. Set them aside to cool. Assembled the planter box. I need to buy the dirt for it, but I've been occupied with my comic.

So LineworkNW is this weekend! Indie comics and stuff. I wanted to have something new to show and give out and I managed to get it made! There were two nights of sketching and two nights of inking (one night overlapped between the two). It's all black and white because I didn't want to futz with shade and copying shades. It looks good! I did eight hours last night after work (a five hour shift which was pretty packed with turns and laundry) and stayed up way too late doing it. I was thinking I would have them done last night and copy them today, but alas I assigned too much work to myself and at 3am it was obvious I would have to copy them on the way down to Portland (I'll stop in Olympia or some such). Today (Friday) I was running on empty but I still got everything done in just about the right amount of time. One room was finished slightly after 3pm but they didn't (early attempters at check in) come back till 3:45 so it was all good. I took out trash and ran laundry and generally tried to stay composed but man I was feeling it. I had coffee in the morning. Coffee with lunch. And after work I called in an order to the Pho place for pork bahn mi and spring rolls and I had a cold can of assam black tea with that (I ate the sandwich on the way home, it transports well). And the spring rolls were a good later in the day sustaining snack. I knew I wouldn't quite have the time to set aside to make a big meal (nor the ingredients) and I needed some veggies. I'm glad I got those because I pretty much, after a power nap, worked from 6:30 to 11. With some pauses. Still. Yeah.

I'm tired. But proud of myself. I'll see y'all on Sunday night because tomorrow I pack up and go to Portland!! I'm only staying the one night though.

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

that tub is cursed

 Bonked my elbow something fierce on the tub at work. Big tubs are a pain to clean! And that tub proved to be trouble because turns out there was a drainage problem and now there's a bunch of drywall repair that is going to have to be done in the room below it. Major bummer!

Trained a little more on check ins and mostly did turns and fluffs and stuff. Not a bad day but I was really tired when I was done and took a hearty nap, then drew some, then had a hard time getting back to sleep due to the nap.
Arrived to find out about the room being out of commission. Turned two rooms, forgot about my pre-flights (that's my task weak point, I tend to forget them), did laundry, lots of folding. Stretched a few tasks out. Did the bathroom for the room that is temporarily not available, so when it is ready it can be good to go!

Then at home I played some FTL (getting better at it all the time, it's a fun game) and worked on my comics scripts and got the pages set up to draw. Just have to sketch them out now, and ink them, and color them. I wish I had more ready access to a copier because I don't know the best way to color them. Well subtle things get lost in Xerox? Hmm. I'll ask Daniel. I'm very pleased with how today's comic turned out because I drew it with no pre-sketch. Compare it to the one about the tub that was more sketched out. Both very different in gestures.

I really like how cool I look in the driving panel.

Time to go to bed I am up way past when I should be.

Sunday, May 15, 2016

drawing on a countdown now

Worked today, and left Mom and Dad at home to not burn the house down. Hustled to get a few rooms fluffed fast, and then turned a room, and watered plants, and unloaded/loaded the dishwasher. Not such a heavy day. Swung by QFC and got s'mores fixings and other things.

Back at home the house was not burned down! Ate shrimp, rested my eyes, ate a burger, said adieu to M&D. Drew comic. Relaxed.

Today was a lethargic day, though I still drew a comic and roughly planned out a comic for LineworkNW. One that will be photocopied and given out to people, whee!

Played vidya games. Lots of FTL. Ate carbs. The uze.