Wednesday, May 18, 2016

that tub is cursed

 Bonked my elbow something fierce on the tub at work. Big tubs are a pain to clean! And that tub proved to be trouble because turns out there was a drainage problem and now there's a bunch of drywall repair that is going to have to be done in the room below it. Major bummer!

Trained a little more on check ins and mostly did turns and fluffs and stuff. Not a bad day but I was really tired when I was done and took a hearty nap, then drew some, then had a hard time getting back to sleep due to the nap.
Arrived to find out about the room being out of commission. Turned two rooms, forgot about my pre-flights (that's my task weak point, I tend to forget them), did laundry, lots of folding. Stretched a few tasks out. Did the bathroom for the room that is temporarily not available, so when it is ready it can be good to go!

Then at home I played some FTL (getting better at it all the time, it's a fun game) and worked on my comics scripts and got the pages set up to draw. Just have to sketch them out now, and ink them, and color them. I wish I had more ready access to a copier because I don't know the best way to color them. Well subtle things get lost in Xerox? Hmm. I'll ask Daniel. I'm very pleased with how today's comic turned out because I drew it with no pre-sketch. Compare it to the one about the tub that was more sketched out. Both very different in gestures.

I really like how cool I look in the driving panel.

Time to go to bed I am up way past when I should be.

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