Saturday, November 2, 2013

Cruz to Kona

oi yoi yoi, today has been long. I am now three hours behind, so that means it is midnight. Today started at 5am. Guh.

Got up. Packed up the last of my things. Justen was up without me having to ask, and he took me to the airporter pick up and dropped me off. Boarded said airporter and got to San Jose Airport in good time. There was another guy in the airporter. Some dude.

I checked my bag. 26 pounds. So I can bring 24 pounds of macadamia nuts back with me. Or as the airline people joked, "I can help if you are overweight!"

The line to get through security was slow, but I was in no hurry. One lady was called on the loudspeaker and she went into a hurry very quick. Once through, I got a sausage muffin and cruised the internet. San Jose airport has poor food options, but free wifi. So it balances out.

The flight wasn't booked solid, so the person who was seated next to me ended up moving to a vacant pair of seats. Which is awesome for setting piles of books in the spare seat instead of having to dig them out of a bag from under the seat. I napped shortly after my in flight meal.

Landed fine in Honolulu with plenty of time to spare. I got a soda and a burger and onion rings. No wifi in Honolulu. Not free anyway. Boarded the plane and this time it was full and I had a seating partner. It was a quick 45 minute flight. I worked on a crossword puzzle and before I knew it, we were coming down!

Ma and Pa had arrived shortly before I did, and it was hugs all around. The Kona airport is nice. It has a very open air plan, with gazebos instead of buildings. Oh it was warm and lovely. We picked up our rental car (Chevy Cruz) and went to check into our hotel.

The room is insaaaaane! I have my own bedroom and bathroom, both of which are large. Ma and Pa have their room and a bathroom that is bigger than my new bedroom! And there is a kitchen and a decent sized fridge. It's a condo moreso than hotel room, though I don't think Ma and Pa will be suckered into the time share.

Anyhoo. After we got settled in, we drove to the beach and wandered on it. There were several wild cats seeking affection. Oh! There is a cat that showed up at our sliding back door. We named him Duke.

After the beach we went to the shopping center place and saw a dance school perform some Hula and Maori dancing. Very nice. Dinner time arrived. I had the meatballs. It was okay. A big enough portion for leftovers, so that is good.

Back at the room. 9:30 Hawaii time. 12:30 tired long day for Trillian time.

Friday, November 1, 2013

Halloween & Hawaii

Last day of work. Vacation time! It was so far away and now it is here. I'm all packed up and ready to go! Confirmed with the airline. Whooo!

And work was nice and short. Caught a bit. Reclaimed a full racks worth of screens. Cleaned screens. Burned and taped screens. Boss was nice about me taking a vacation. No resentment, though maybe some jealousy. BECAUSE HAWAII! YAY!

Got home and put on my Vincent Vega from Pulp Fiction costume. I painted on sideburns and did my eyebrows. There were a couple trick or treaters, and thankfully I had candy to give them. I did Tara's eye makeup for her pin up costume. Then I headed over to Davina and Eric's to mooch and help them with candy. With handing out AND eating candy. So I did that. Hung out with them. Ate food. Ate candy. Drank wine. Saw many cute little kids, though very few of them had home made costumes.

I returned to my abode and packed up the rest of my stuff. It's certainly not a full suitcase right now. Plenty of room for souvenirs.

Thursday, October 31, 2013

day before the day before

Got mostly packed up! I might pull a few shirts out of the suitcase, but it's pretty light and far from packed or even full. Lots of room for chocolate covered macadamia nuts. I'm just going to check it all the way through. Carry on shall be laptop backpack and satchel. I don't have any travel snacks, but I figure I'll get them once I get inside the airport and through security.

Went to Target and got some shampoo and conditioner, as I'm running low. And some candy to give to kids tomorrow. And some cash back for travel. And paper towels. The paper towels don't have any travel importance, we just needed them.

We finished up the tedious job at work. I cleaned some screens. Listened to Thrilling Adventure Hour and Stuffed You Missed in History Class. Such an awesome and informative podcast. I missed a lot, as it turns out.

I did laundry when I got home, just so I had the full range of articles of clothing to choose from when it came to packing.

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

I'm a Ravenclaw, what house are you in?

Back to work! Coated the screens that had dried over the weekend, so now the exposure room is nice and full and should be good for the week that I'm gone. Hopefully the studio doesn't burn down in my absence.

Caught the job. My knee has been hurting me a lot lately, so that is no good. It's the weather I suppose.

On the way home I got some oil for my car, and some skin care stuff. Changing my routine. See if I can get my skin REALLY nice, instead of just okay. Working on self improvement type stuff.

Tomorrow I need to get my packing on, and make a list of things, and maybe go buy some candy for trick or treaters. Do all my errands so that Thursday I can relax.

Home was relaxing and not getting up to muching.

Really wish my knee didn't hurt so frequently. It's just that pain where you want to pop a knuckle, except magnified. At least all my coworkers have some sort of injury, so they can sympathize.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

surprise three day weekend

I got up and was all set to go to work, and then bam got a text from the boss telling me to take the day off. Works for me!

I didn't go back to sleep, as I was already good to go for the day. So I finished my freelance stuff for Odd Owl (booyah!). And watched two more episodes of The Tick with Justen. And chatted with Tara. And ate more of my crockpot lunch. And walked to Target for odds and ends. It's raining right now, which is notable for this city. Watched telly. Tidied my room. Pretty productive.

Monday, October 28, 2013

only a few days till Hawaii...I should start packing!


Yard work day! Got up to bacon as made by Justen. We walked around the front, side, and back yard and figured out what needs to be done and we divided up the shores. Tara and I took a lot of the sweeping/leaf clearing jobs. I also picked up pinecones. I listened to podcasts and worked up a sweat. Not a bad start.

The chicken did indeed microwave better. Goes well with rice.

Since I agreed to help Eric and Davina hand out candy, I went downtown to get a costume together lickety split. Walgreen's provided the UCSC shirt and the thrift shop provided the running shorts. Bam!

Vincent Vega from Pulp Fiction costume! Easy!

I watched The Heat (or did I do that Friday?) and relaxed and didn't get up to much of anything else. Really not a Halloween party person. My knee is hurting something fierce too.


Slept in, so that was nice. I'm trying out Chia seeds with my oatmeal. Don't know if it does much, but it hasn't killed me so that is good!

Did a quick Trader Joe's run with Tara. I suggested she be a pin up for Halloween and she says she is going to go for it! Yay!

Also wasted most of the day. Ate pizza and watched three episodes of The Tick. Then I watched Homeland and wondered what I was doing with my life. But only for a little bit. I'm good at thwarting those feelings of long term life goal searching.