Saturday, November 2, 2013

Cruz to Kona

oi yoi yoi, today has been long. I am now three hours behind, so that means it is midnight. Today started at 5am. Guh.

Got up. Packed up the last of my things. Justen was up without me having to ask, and he took me to the airporter pick up and dropped me off. Boarded said airporter and got to San Jose Airport in good time. There was another guy in the airporter. Some dude.

I checked my bag. 26 pounds. So I can bring 24 pounds of macadamia nuts back with me. Or as the airline people joked, "I can help if you are overweight!"

The line to get through security was slow, but I was in no hurry. One lady was called on the loudspeaker and she went into a hurry very quick. Once through, I got a sausage muffin and cruised the internet. San Jose airport has poor food options, but free wifi. So it balances out.

The flight wasn't booked solid, so the person who was seated next to me ended up moving to a vacant pair of seats. Which is awesome for setting piles of books in the spare seat instead of having to dig them out of a bag from under the seat. I napped shortly after my in flight meal.

Landed fine in Honolulu with plenty of time to spare. I got a soda and a burger and onion rings. No wifi in Honolulu. Not free anyway. Boarded the plane and this time it was full and I had a seating partner. It was a quick 45 minute flight. I worked on a crossword puzzle and before I knew it, we were coming down!

Ma and Pa had arrived shortly before I did, and it was hugs all around. The Kona airport is nice. It has a very open air plan, with gazebos instead of buildings. Oh it was warm and lovely. We picked up our rental car (Chevy Cruz) and went to check into our hotel.

The room is insaaaaane! I have my own bedroom and bathroom, both of which are large. Ma and Pa have their room and a bathroom that is bigger than my new bedroom! And there is a kitchen and a decent sized fridge. It's a condo moreso than hotel room, though I don't think Ma and Pa will be suckered into the time share.

Anyhoo. After we got settled in, we drove to the beach and wandered on it. There were several wild cats seeking affection. Oh! There is a cat that showed up at our sliding back door. We named him Duke.

After the beach we went to the shopping center place and saw a dance school perform some Hula and Maori dancing. Very nice. Dinner time arrived. I had the meatballs. It was okay. A big enough portion for leftovers, so that is good.

Back at the room. 9:30 Hawaii time. 12:30 tired long day for Trillian time.

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