Saturday, November 10, 2012

November Portrait #10 - Daniel Haile

Daniel Haile

November Portrait #9 - Matthew Seely

Matthew Seely


Doing these portraits, some of them I can do in, like, 30 minutes. Some take me hours!

Slept in today. It was a glorious thing to do. Had a little breakfast. Toodled around the house. Drew a bit.

Met Ray at 5ish, and got tickets for Skyfall. Then we had sushi! Yum! Had some of those big combo many ingredients rolls. Pretty good! Avocado, cremecheese, shrimp. Can't go wrong. Oh, and tempura banana? Delicious! I need to get Robin's recipe for fried banana.

Skyfall was good. Less action heavy than I was expecting, but NO SHAKEY CAM! Which is great. The action was good. Clear, concise. It was a bit light on the babes. Now Craig's Bond is set up for more Bond movies, with Q and Moneypenny. I dug it.

Now it is chilly, I'm going to crawl into bed.

Friday, November 9, 2012

November Portrait #8 - Jade Sheldon-Burnsed

Jade Sheldon-Burnsed

itemized awesome

Thirteen hour shift, BUUUUT it is a four day weekend! The Boss is going to a little conference thingy.

So some awesome things happened at work today:

  1. I was shown how to tape the edges on banners, so now that is another skill I have. More skills, more awesomeness!
  2. Boss said that I could use the facilities at work to print, though I think I'll still work on my at home set up. Just knowing I can use the exposure unit is awesome. At home I can work on my own time and stuff, but yeah. That is awesome!
  3. Boss asked if I would like to design a shirt. WHOOO!! Something with some Santa Cruz landscapes in it. I'm already having plenty of ideas, and am looking forward to sketching my new city. How great is that? 
I weeded some vinyl, and caught a job which ended up running a bit longer due to a totally unfigureoutable problem. Something was up and eventually it stopped being up. I wanted to see Skyfall tonight, but I am tired! I'll catch a matinee tomorrow, because it is THE WEEKEND FOR ME! Clear on till Tuesday!

There will be no portrait today, but two tomorrow most likely.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

November Portrait #7 - BT Livermore

BT Livermore

week coming to an end, making them weekend plans

Back to work! Unexpected days off are nice, but hey, I dig my job!

Letssss seee. What did I do? Well I unboxed the shirts and sweaters for two jobs. I burned and taped some screens. I ran one of the jobs. Loaded and unloaded the shirts perfectly! Go me. Also put some thingies on some hats, and weeded some vinyl. Talked to boss about surfing. Well I mostly listened, I can't really hold up an end of a conversation about surfing, though I do dig it. My boss is very enthusiastic when he talks, so it makes for good stories to hear.

It ended a bit early, though due to it going dark at bloomin' 5pm now, it felt later. I went to Target to pick up some lady necessities, and got caught in the commuter traffic on Highway 1. Boo! Got my things, some candy, and a new 5 pack of work shirts, and it was much faster on the way back.

I don't understand why people always seem to wait till the last minute to merge, and always try to get as far forward as possible. Ah, oh well.

At home I drew BT for today's portrait. Had a big bowl of pasta. Washed my hoodies, because they were probably in need of a wash. I cut the hems and collar out of my work shirts, makes it much more comfortable. They are all clean and pristine! Eventually my shirts will stop getting dirty, and I'll get rid of the worst ones, and then I'll look nice at work, instead of like a day old grubby person. I'd like another pair of shoes to wear at work, but then they would be new shoes, and I'd just dirty them. My 'Roos and White Chucks look awful. Hahah. Sneakers, cut offs/short pants, a white Hanes tee, and hair in a pony tail or bun. Boom, work clothes! And a company branded sweater has been added to that.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

November Portrait #6 - President Barack Obama

The Prez

hunk watch 2012

Yay! Obama! It was looking close and then BAM West Coast came in and decimated the electoral votes. That was swell.

After a long and restful night sleep, I got a text from my boss saying that there would be no work due to a surf competition. He said if I wanted to see some of the world's best surfers, I should check it out. So I did! I arrived at Lighthouse Beach in time for the last heat. So I missed most of the surfing, but oh well. It was hot, and sunny, and a lovely day for surfing. I sketched in my sketchbook, and tried to be subtle about checking out some of the shirtless hunks. The final surf match was between Taj Burrow and Matt Wilkinson, both Australians.

Nice little afternoon sojurn. I rode my bike to and from the beach, which was an easy route and quite lovely because it goes along the water. So near the water, I wouldn't have it any other way.

Back at home, I ate some lunch, and wondered what to do with the rest of my day. So I ended up having a couple beers while I watched the entirety of Nathan Barley (all six 25 minute episodes) while refreshing the election results. Pretty fun night. Well fun because Obama won and it seems like some great things got passed. Once he won, I set about drawing him for today's portrait. With some critique, I fixed it, and it turned out pretty satisfactorily.

Hurray! WHeee! Yay! And I think I'll have an early night again. Feels good to get sleep.

Today was pretty good. I'm feeling really good about life these past few weeks. Things are coming to a nice settle and rhythm.

November Portrait #5 - Caroline Cronshaw

Caroline Cronshaw

Monday, November 5, 2012


Carmen left at 4:45am. I crawled into bed at 5am. I was prepared to text my boss and say that I would be coming in a bit later, but then my body was all "it's 8am, this is when you usually get up, so GET UP!" So I got up. Blhhhhhuherg.

Showered. Had breakfast. Got text from boss saying that it would be a solo shift and that there was a list of things to do and that he wouldn't be there till later. So I totally could have slept in! If my body would have let me.

Anyway, I got a Red Bull on the way to work, and that gave me lots of pep! Pep to clean screens, and burn screens, and tape screens, and reclaim screens, and patch screens, and clean palettes, and reclaim some more screens and patch another screen. Busy short shift. At home I did laundry, and cleaned up my room, and has some rice and seaweed snack/dinner, put away laundry, watched telly.

Now I am crashing. Mmm. Sleep. That will be nice.

November Portrait #4 - Amanda McAuley

Amanda McAuley

a day of printing, a great day, stressful but great

11pm, and two colors to go on this monster four color reductive print. But once this color is done, it's just the black layer and then BOOM DONE. We are so close, it is awesome!

So. My day started very early. I was barely out of bed and figuring out how to assemble the poster for 8.5x11 print out, because we (Carmen and I) decided to do the poster at 15x24, to maximize space, and to do that I'd need a to scale reference to draw from. If any of this doesn't make sense, well...tough! Anyway, Carmen arrived at 9. We printed out the reference. Then exposed her screen. Or tried to. She got it pre-coated but something was weird with the emulsion and it did not expose at all, so I used my emulsion remover and slathered that up, and then we started from square one. We didn't get printing till about 2. But it worked out! The yellow flat of color was tricky, but Carmen did a great job pulling it. We had the layers strewn all around the house. Hahha. After that, we got lunch, and then returned to the printing. The second layer, the reductive fluid, got stuck to the paper and so Carmen reprinted out the sheets while I coated and prepped the screen. We ran out of daylight and moved the printing table into the upstairs bathroom. We had to remove the legs to navigate it in, but it worked! The blue layer printed really fast, which was swell. With Carmen's help, the green layer got drawn on with drawing fluid lickity split (while listening to The Museum of Curiosity). While that dried in my closet (with the fan running, a very good dark drying room) we watched Sherlock. Relaxing then working relaxing then working.

Right now the green screen is drying, and Carmen is mixing the green. Soon that will be printed. And then: THE FINAL LAYER.


The final layer is drying. Waiting to be printed. Then it will be printed. And I'll wash out the screen one last time, then that is it. I'm just going to climb into bed straight after. You'll hear from me tomorrow.

Guhhh work.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

I didn't even get close to a Yahtzee...:(

Time just rolled back an hour, so instead of being 2:30am, it is 1:30am. Hurray?

Turns out the art store didn't open till 10am, so I had some time in the morning to tidy up. Went to the store, paid too much for a sub-standard screen, got mylar, and some better tape. Went home. Emulsified the screen, set it aside to dry (not with a fan, then I noticed how slow it was going so I rigged it up with a fan and it dried much faster). Screwed the bolts into the table, though I may reposition them tomorrow. Exposed the screen at different times (I also used some drawing fluid as a thickness/washout test). 15 minutes seems perfect. Washed it out. Ate some chili and a scramble.

At 4:15ish I went to Trader Joe's and got some driving snacks and a bottle of wine. Then I went up to Oakland and picked up dear sweet awesome Robin, and then drove into San Francisco for game night at Carmen & Josh's with special guest Helen & Nathan. The wine was for the shindig, and thankfully it was a good kind of wine. I just got something with a label I liked. I also gave Carmen & Josh my thank you gift of a Belgian waffle maker! They had talked about wanting one, so I went and got them one. When Carmen opened the wrapping she said "is this actually a Waffle maker, not just the box?". And so on top of Carmen's amazing sandwiches, we had waffles. Mmm!

First we played Dixit, which is a sort of imagination/image take on Apples to Apples. It was quite fun, and Nathan won. Then we played Bohnanza, a bean based game that SHOULD have been named Beananza. We got the hang of it eventually, but played a shorter round. Carmen won. Then we finished up with Yahtzee, and Nathan won that, beating my high score which was on the sheet he was playing on. We gabbed, and there were several caterpillars which had to be picked out of the sandwiches (the lettuce was very fresh). At 11:45, I drove Robin home, and then returned to Santa Cruz. So excited she is back in the area! Gotta have a day trip with her and Finn.

I prefer night driving. Less cars, just lights. It just seems easier to navigate.