Saturday, March 16, 2013

stoked (did you see what I did there?)

Ended the week on a really nice note. It was bright, though not as hot as it has been, though I was still in cutoffs and my shirt, so I really can't complain. I coated the screens and caught the hat transfers that were run (as well as set up and broke down the hat transfers). With hats, you print the design backwards, then put this powdered glue on it, and send it down the dryer. Then you use a heat press to transfer the image to a hat (or any other fabric surface). The paper you print on just peels away. Pretty neat. So we made a bunch of hat transfers, and I finished the day by pressing a bunch of hats. There are more to press, but only a few got done. I also cut up some stickers and stuff. All in all, pretty nice.

Ryan and I caught a showing of Park Chan-wook's film Stoker at the Del Mar. I got popcorn for dinner and I put wasabi powder on it. Wasabi is a vegetable, right? Anyway, the movie was visually quite amazing and the performances were stellar, and oh that sound track! The script was written by Wentworth Miller, which surprised me.

I haven't been out to the movies in a while, it feels like, so it felt good to go.

Might hang with the Brother during the weekend. Or I'll just take it easy. We shall see.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

fine for failure to observe mountain

Another relatively solo day at work. It was once again a beautiful day and I was in cut offs.

I burned a couple screens right at the start, then I got to cleaning. I reclaimed 11 screens, and got those drying, and I broke down the press, and I cleaned a few more screens, and reclaimed a couple more, and taped up some, and OH I coated the screens from yesterday. Tomorrow will be more coating, and then I think we'll have a good number of screens on hand to burn. We need to call some of the people to see if they plan on running jobs soon, because there are a lot of screens sitting, and they could be reclaimed any ol' day.

I finished Handmaid's Tale. So good. Started The Left Hand of Darkness, which is pretty interesting. I'm really getting through audiobooks these past couple weeks, it seems. But they are also shorter ones. I define short as 6-9 hours, which is about 3 work days worth of listening, because I sometimes break it up with music.

At home I washed dishes, had a fried egg sandwich for dinner, watched some telly. Might actually properly leave the house tomorrow. We shall see.


While I like having more daylight, my body still isn't liking the adjustment to Daylight Savings. Still, gotta force it to lay down.

Work was scattered and all over the place, but good news! I'm back in cutoffs! It is warming up. Yaay.

I caught, I cleaned, I reclaimed 3 screens and coated them, I reclaimed another 16 and those will be coated tomorrow. There are still a good 20 screens to clean, but not all are being reclaimed. Screens keep getting set in the "we may run them soon" pile. I think it is better to have screens on hand to run immediate jobs, but I guess it does save a bit of effort and materials if they are ready to go.

I've been sneezing, so I guess my mysterious vague pollen allergy is acting up. It is just sneezing though. Could be dust.

Handmaid's Tale is so good. A damn awesome piece of speculative fiction (not quite science fiction, though in a similar vein). I have it in my library, if you want to borrow it Ma.

After work, which was a nice full day, I went to get banana bread fixings because the bananas I had went really brown really quick for some reason. I doubled the recipe for double the tasty, and they baked up really well. I'll have to think of something to do with the extra buttermilk. Don't want to waste it.

See, with this week, Thursday really snuck up on me. I guess because Monday put me in such a mood that it sort of became this null in my mind. The lasagna has lasted me perfectly all week as a meal. I'll be back to PB&J soon. Unless I hard boil some eggs and make egg salad sandwich.

I just love banana bread. I made it with that turbinado sugar. Mmmm. Betty Crocker can't fail.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

he has the haaaair!

Today was a very good day at work! A lot got done, and a lot went very well. It was also very, very warm. I think I might even wear cut offs tomorrow. It was much too hot, but of course the dryer was going and we were running jobs, which makes things much more warm. Ran fronts and backs on shorts, ran fronts and backs on shirts. I just checked the weather. It is supposed to be 70+ degrees in Santa Cruz all the way through the weekend. BOOYAH! Listened to The Handmaid's Tale. Ahh Margaret Atwood. Such a good writer. It was a full day of work. I wanted to make banana bread after, but I was missing some ingredients, so I did not make banana bread. I drew this drawing of Benedict Cumberbatch instead, because they are going to start filming Sherlock soon and I am SO EXCITED!

Monday, March 11, 2013

grumble grumble

Uhg. Tough day at work. Didn't go well. Stressful. Taped up stuff. Ran a job, and while my running was fine there was something with the shirt and ink. Not my fault but still, just...stressful. Things should go smoothly, or at least smooth enough.

Had a restful night sleep as well. Will probably be tucking in early. I guess my body still thinks of right now at 10pm. So maybe I'll sit and bed and read. Just want to relax. Don't like being stressed and stuff.

The lasagna was good for lunch. Num nums lasagna.

Got the package, Ma!

Today left me wiped. Hopefully tomorrow will be better.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Spring is coming

Be sure to check out the March 11th Google Doodle. It is in celebration of Douglas Adams' 61st Birthday. I wouldn't be who I am without him, seriously.


Got a full 12 hours in bed, and I woke up feeling great. This whole weekend has been excellent in terms of decompacting all the knots and stress that have built up over this past week. I ran some shopping errands, namely to get lasagna making supplies. I also scrubbed the bath tub and shower curtain and washed the bath rug and went at the no slip thing with the hose. My bathroom, since it has no fan, is a total mildew trap. Trying to clean that gunk out. I was mildly successful. The no-slip needs more work, but it does have a cleaner vibe as a whole.

It was an absolutely beautiful day.

Steve came down from San Jose for lasagna. He helped prepare it. Well he mixed the cheese mixture up. He may have been a bit generous with the portions as he likes cheese. While it was cooking we drank wine and worked on crossword puzzles. I've never put dry lasagna noodles in the lasagna, as the recipe called for, and I didn't trust it this time around, so I put cooked noodles in. It was a bit...well it became more a lasagna puddle and didn't hold its shape too well when it was cut apart. But it was still tasty. Afterwards we watched Ravenous, a favorite movie of mine.


For brunch, Steve & I went to The Buttery. I had the avocado, egg, tomato croissant sandwich and he had the egg, cheese, and bacon one. Also there were pecan and chocolate treats from the bakery side of things. It was all tasty, as The Buttery has consistently been. It is assuredly a place for me to take visiting relatives.

We walked about Santa Cruz after, because it was yet another beautiful day. Steve had errands in San Jose, so he departed relatively early in the afternoon. I ran my laundry and took it easy for the rest of the day. Watched some telly, folded some shirts, looked into scanners. Since I can get bulk shirts from work, I looked into the brands on the distribution site. Might get some nice solid colored shirts next paycheck. Mmm hmm.

I predict next week will contain a lot of cleaning, reclaiming, and coating, with a few smaller jobs ran.