Saturday, November 29, 2014

internet down


Remember my complaint about not being able to blog while in Google? Well Nate gave me a tip to remedy that. But now my problem is my computer is failing to connect to the Internet. Is the signal too weak? What’s the deal? Uhg. Hopefully it remedies itself because I’d like to get more job work done over the weekend.

But Friendsgiving was a success! Amanda arrived at around 3, which was perfect. I introduced her to Celia and we peeled potatoes and got things ready and had some brewskies and chatted and played Yotta Know Birds (we don’t know birds) and Getting To Know You…Better, and we got to know each other better. Amanda is an absolute sweetheart and I hope she visits again. I’ll have to see her again sometime because she forgot her slippers!

We got up at around 9/10ish and she made coffee and I made eggs and we had a very protein breakfast to start the big day! First up was bread. We got that rising by the stove. Then cranberry sauce, which had to chill. Then potatoes. The three dinner guests: Heather & Daniel, and BT were all stuck in the same traffic, but arrived at 4 which was perfect! The table was set and food was brought out and Celia arrived with the turkey and we dished up and gorged and had seconds and ohh the potatoes and gravy I think were my favorite but all (yams, green beans, bread, stuffing, turkey, apple juice) was really good! And we let our belts out a loop and sat in the living room to chat. Celia returned to her cabin and fell asleep, like should happen on Thanksgiving. Karen came over with a pie for dessert and we all got a game of Cards Against Humanity going. It was the perfect crowd for such a despicable game. Phil arrived too! Which was awesome. He came up in the dark and through the rain! I was joyed at that. So much company. Amanda won the game. Karen departed for the night to go back home, and Phil crashed on the couch, BT took the garage bed, and Heather and Daniel took the master bed.

I was first up in the morning and got coffee going. BT made the bacon. Daniel made the cheesey eggs. We gabbed and woke up. The Portlanders (sans BT) all departed at around the same time to get back at a good hour. BT is staying another night, and we spent the day lounging and chatting and eating leftovers and taking a night hike with Carnegie (his little dog who is sweet but not keen on other dogs). And we finished with sitting by the fire with more conversation, which is just ideal. My DVD player refused to work, so that was a bummer for some mild entertainment, but I did get some drawing done.

It’s raining and dark and cold and snow is anticipated, but it’s not declared a storm. Hopefully come the morning, I’ll have Internet.


My Internet is back! It was reset over yonder and it now makes it over the water. Time to catch up!

A high tide and a rough storm has made my beach ladder vanish into the canal.

I had leftovers for breakfast and tea, BT had some banana bread and tea. We got a fire going and lounged by it whilst getting warm. The winds are VERY strong. Hopefully there are no trees on the roads. BT is off to hang with Meghan in Tacoma.

Now I get the weekend to mellow and nosh on food and it is back to work on Monday!

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

a tale of two accounts

Logging into Blogger requires me to log out of all my Google accounts, namely the ones that I use for work, so it is difficult to tandem blog while in the middle of working from home stuff.

Only Amanda is arriving today for Friendsgiving, and I'm stoked to get just one on one time to hang and chat.


Worked on site again! Took lots of photos and have almost all the boxes taken care of. So many items, and now to label them all. Boss treated me to phad thai for lunch! It was delicious and we had a good conversation about the lack of education regarding those with visible disabilities. I left early to try and get to the antique stores to tidy them up. I hit some traffic though so I could only do so much.


Worked from home! Took many hours to label everything, but it was much easier than the last label session. And I got in a few hours of loading photos and items into the store. There are a few things that still need photos, but I'll get to that. I made my grocery run. I'm down to just bread, potatoes, and cranberry sauce! Also stocked up on beer and cider and champagne for mimosas and other boozey items. Probably won't all get drunk.

Stayed up late getting work at home stuff done, still might put in another hour or two today. Amanda is on her way and I've been cleaning.

Monday, November 24, 2014



Worked on site taking photos! Thought only a few hours of photos because I was also tasked to tidy up and add to the store displays. Photos so we can make the store look nice and pretty and all the items can be listed with the proper photos. I like taking the photos because I just listen to podcasts and snap away and I reacquaint myself with the merch I've spent so long pricing.

It was a drizzly, dreary day. Tried my best to keep the stuff dry, but it was still got some raindrops as I hauled the stock boxes to the antique stores.

So. The date? That date that I went on. We met at the Slippery Pig (points to him for being open to relocate at short notice because I thought I was going to end the day in Bills Point, not Poulsbo). Slippery Pig is just a place that I've seen next to Red Plantation. He arrived right on time (another good point) and it was a very nice first initial date meet up thing. Had a couple beers and a crowd formed and there was Friday night karaoke, so our conversation got drowned out a little bit but still it was enjoyable. And it was good enough that another meet up is to happen, but after Thanksgiving due to busy schedules. So yay! Nice it all went well with the Geologist.


So a half sunk paddleboat was drifting by, and while the coast guard was called to, I dunno, be let known that there is a boat in the water, I decided to go out and get it for my own. And I couldn't be bothered to haul a boat down, so I threw on my swimsuit and got in to the water an immediately regretted my decision because the Hood Canal is COLLLLDDDDD in November. Still. it was close enough that I daren't quit, so I swam and swam and hopped into the paddle boat and waved to the people who had showed up on shore. It wanted to capsize forward, so I had to lean back while maneuvering it it towards shore. Eventually I was able to hop out and walk it in. Orlando of the coast guard gave me my bathrobe (which was on the seawall) and he helped drain the boat and haul it onto the wall, but he didn't get wet and I did. My teeth were chattering when I got up to the house, and during my ample shower I let the tub fill so that my feet could properly thaw.

Warm and washed, I drove into Silverdale and got some tights and lipstick and eyeliner and hairdye and toilet paper at Target and I got a haircut at Great Clips. Just a quick trim. Trying this whole "regular haircut to reduce damage and let hair grow long and healthy" thing. Last time I dyed my hair, I had product already in it so I feel like it faded a bit too fast, so in the evening I dyed it again but on hair that had only been shampooed. I'll see how it looks in a month this time. Anyway, after Silverdale I went to Seabeck for a salad and soup dinner, and some lounging about. Mom found a fitness ball on the beach. A good day for scavengers! The layout of the house has been redone and the floor is hard, instead of carpet. It looks very nice and warm indeed! Good job Mom & Dad on the floor!

So yeah, returned home and did my hair.


Worked 1-7 on site, so I got to sleep in a bit. I was mainly by myself continuing to photograph items. I've got a good chunk done now, so tomorrow I'll start labeling and loading things. We'll launch the store real soon! I gave the Boss a teaser of my sea adventure on the phone, and she was eager to hear about it upon my arrival. So that was fun. Two days of uber work and then it is off to cooking and friendville!