Friday, January 9, 2015

take out the trash

Past three days have been pretty ho hum. I finally wrangled that auction house slip and the items that go with it. Took a while. I've been googling local resources and organizing. Working mild!

I'm out of eggs and bacon, so I gotta leave the house tomorrow to get more. And deposit my paycheck. And take out the trash. So I guess I'll change out of the same pair of pajamas I've been wearing for the past three days.

Ha ha, just kidding! I totally shower and changed every day. But I had hella cramps for a bit so that debilitated me for a chunk of the day.

I lit a fire. I read a bit of Carsick. I made a few more hot toddys. I need to get more hot toddy fixings (see: whiskey).

Oh! Recycling, I gotta take that out too.

But yeah, three days on site. But I don't feel like I've gone hermit loony.

Oh! The Quilcene garbage drop off is open tomorrow 1-5. So that's a thing!

Hmmn. I should be drawing more. I've got this lazy streak happening.

Monday, January 5, 2015

part time hermit


Slept in. Had pasta. Learned how to make a Hot Toddy. Drank one of those. Generally loafed about. Tidied up. Watched The Red Chapel and The Comeback. Did several loads of laundry (one smaller for heavier/red clothes, one larger for lighter/dainty things) so that was productive.


Tried and failed to get up at a decent hour, and then the internet wasn't connecting which made it impossible to get any work done, so I watched Galavant and stoked a fire and ate some udon and in the evening Celia and I called technical support and somehow setting up a second network gives me good internet? To do this, we connected the old router and that sends out wifi strong enough for me to get it here, and it's strong enough to work pretty darn good. I guess I should just be happy the wifi reached 400 feet at all. I wish there was a way to set up a wifi hub at this house without just having to sign up for a whole 'nother account.

Anyway, yeah. No work from home today...tomorrow. I'll get on it tomorrow. My burned finger is slowly but surely healing up. My house is piping hot.

Sunday, January 4, 2015

the two week hermit begins


Slept in. Had a scramble. Worked from home on client billings. Got those spreadsheets together and sent off. Whoo!! I watched a whole bunch of The Comeback which was tragic and difficult to watch but damn it's good once you get through the heartbreak. Didn't leave the house. But I am amassing a to do list.


Helped Celia set up the new modem, and now our internet is faster! WHOO!! Celia didn't agree to my wifi password suggestion though. In the afternoon I made a much needed grocery run, so now I'm set on eggs and bacon and carbs and juice. Celia made lamb curry and I gobbled down two bowls with tea and we watched the first two episodes of Sherlock because Celia has never seen them! I got massively congested and I'm just now breathing right. So allergic to cats but I love cuddling them.

Now I'm onto the second season of The Comeback. Monday errands will be depositing my paycheck.