Sunday, January 4, 2015

the two week hermit begins


Slept in. Had a scramble. Worked from home on client billings. Got those spreadsheets together and sent off. Whoo!! I watched a whole bunch of The Comeback which was tragic and difficult to watch but damn it's good once you get through the heartbreak. Didn't leave the house. But I am amassing a to do list.


Helped Celia set up the new modem, and now our internet is faster! WHOO!! Celia didn't agree to my wifi password suggestion though. In the afternoon I made a much needed grocery run, so now I'm set on eggs and bacon and carbs and juice. Celia made lamb curry and I gobbled down two bowls with tea and we watched the first two episodes of Sherlock because Celia has never seen them! I got massively congested and I'm just now breathing right. So allergic to cats but I love cuddling them.

Now I'm onto the second season of The Comeback. Monday errands will be depositing my paycheck.

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