Thursday, January 1, 2015

The Countdown to The Countdown

December 31st:

Last day of work of the year 2014. Oh where I was at the start of this year. A different state. A different climate. A different job.

At work I did some research and updating of the shop. For the next two weeks I will be working from home so we took the time to come up with tasks for me to do that would be equal to 60 hours of work. I should think of some errands to run, like getting a Washington driver's license and a PO Box and other stuff. Going on the Elendil? It was a shorter work day.

I met Karen at Cups for a little New Years rendezvous. She gifted me an Ivar's Cookbook!!!! Now I can make fish and chips the good proper delicious way. Such a great gift! I presented Karen with some vintage Junko Koshino scarfs (I wonder where I got those, hmmm). We got doughnuts and a restaurant let us huddle in their seating waiting area for warmth while we chatted and caught up. She has some vacation that overlaps with my work from home time, so hopefully she'll come hang and we'll chat and be good ol' gal pals like the good ol' days.

From Poulsbo I went to Suquamish and met Aaron for New Year's festivities. Festivities being dressing nice and staying in and drinking some Lagavulin and making homemade spaghetti sauce to go over pasta and watching some tv and ringing in the new years with kisses from Banjo the dog.

January 1st:

I stayed over in Suquamish. I bought a Viking Doughnut at Stuy's so that was split for breakfast. Aaron made coffee and we watched the Bad Blood episode of The X Files because that is the best episode of anything ever. I departed around noonish. Oh! And there was cheesecake, the rest of which was gifted to me. Back at home I ate about a third of the cheesecake while soaking in a hot bath whilst reading Bobcat and Other Stories. A great start to the year. I loafed around the house by myself. Ate popcorn for dinner. Washed dishes.

Got some stuff to do tomorrow, hopefully it won't be too harrowing and number focused. Then it is the weekend! Already!

My birthday is in 20 days, Eeek!

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